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rating [ 9/10 ]
We normally stay here overnight to/from the Canadian Maritimes to/from Florida. This last stay we decided to stay the next day as the Tornados were coming towards us from the western US. Glad we did as we would have been on the road the next day and either into them or caught in the big rainstorms farther up the eastern US in Pennsylvania. We dodged the bullet in avoiding the Tornados even though they were violent & did a lot of damage south & mostly north of us. However it gave us time to look around the RV Park. We found out that staying at the RV park also allows one to use the pool at the hotel and this pool is very nice, also allows you to go into the rooms at the back of the lobby & use their Wi-FI. Also met some very nice campers, some staying longer. All in all we like this park mostly as it is easy to get to, a relative great value for $22 (AARP rate) and quite secure with gated access & some amenities not mentioned earlier. No trouble with electrical power even though the park was full, also very polite staff. We would give it a 10 except it is a bit dated. However great value for the money.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed here several times on the way to and from Florida. The park is a good value for the money.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Park is very convenient to I-95. It is somewhat overpriced for the value one gets. Next time we will probably stay at the Flying J just north of there at Ruther Glen. $30 to park a night is a bit much.
rating [ 2/10 ]
We have stayed here three times traveling to and from Florida. I wonder why we still stay at this very poor campground, I guess because it is at the end of our day and we are too tired to go farther. The campground is too expensive, too dirty & not worthy of further comment. We will not be staying here again. It is a shame as the site on the beautiful Delaware River has terrific potential. It is an example of how some owners try to get the most money with the least effort.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice Campground with the best administrator in Florida. Campground is clean, well managed & the activities are great. Drawbacks here is that the dial up Internet runs from the locals off the PBX and consequently is very slow. I signed up for WiFi but it was too far from the antenna to be any good. The park is 5 miles from I-75 and has poor cell coverage and a fair drive to the grocery stores. Also no biking outside park unless you take your bikes via your vehicle. This is a great park for anyone with a boat, kayak or canoe, it was not for us as we like to bike & be near some amenities.
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