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rating [ 10/10 ]
Stayed here the last week of August for five nights, driving the 14 miles to West Yellowstone and the west entrance to the national park. Great sites! Very clean restrooms and private showers. Lake views from almost every site! We don't miss cable TV. Plenty of books to read, and they have a lending/swap library. Extremely polite and friendly staff, who are fellow RVers. We stayed here in 2008 also, and it is a great place to stay when visiting Yellowstone.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We enjoyed camping here, even though the owner could have been more friendly. We did everything we could to be nice to him, and followed all his well posted rules, but he still acted like we were intruders, instead of guests. I guess being one of the very few full service campgrounds near Bayfield, he can act that way and still have people come.
rating [ 7/10 ]
A great county park. Some problems getting reservations. Some problems with small sugar ants in the campsites. Some problems with rowdyness in the campsites after dark. Local police have to patrol it due to lack of proper supervision by the campground rangers. Very few pull through sites, and lots of overhanging branches on oak trees, so be very careful of your overhead clearance.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We use this KOA as a stop on the way to and from the Smokey Mtns. It is very close to the highway (I-75), and that can be noisy if your site is close to the road. The staff is very friendly and they will bring a fresh pizza to your site if you order one. The Pizzas are actually very good! Enjoyed our stay and wil stay again.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Staying here ruined my long anticipated trip to see the leaves change in the Smokey Mountains. Creekwood Farm employs a manager who is agressive, offensive, overbearing, and downright unfriendly to his guests. He acts like the park is his own little 3rd Reich. I was verbally assauted in the office when I dared to inform him that there was no water at the outlet of my site due to the cold weather. Instead of offering to help, he informed me in a loud rude and agressive manner that it was freezing weather and that my hose was probably frozen. I told him that I'd removed the hose and that wasn't the problem. I was just trying to be helpful, and he jumped all over me. He told me that I should switch to the built in water in my coach until the weather improves. I told him that I'd already done that, and that although I may look stupid, that I wasn't a complete idiot. The next morning it was frozen again, and I was removing the hose from the faucet. He came driving across the park in his golf cart yelling at the top of his voice, "Don't touch that lever! Don't touch that lever!" At this point I'd had enough. I told him that he needed to learn to treat his guests nicer, and that if he didn't he wouldn't have any guests! If they didn't have a policy of "NO REFUNDS!" proudly displayed behind the office desk, I would have pulled out that day and never returned. Aside from the manager's attitude toward his guests, the park is actually pretty nice. If you go beware the park manager and hope you don't need any help at your site!
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