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rating [ 8/10 ]
Even though it rained 80% of our time there it was a lovely campground. We stayed in the grove area deep set in the woods, it was great. The owners are very friendly and the boys very sweet. My only drawback is no laundry. It was, a 10 mile drive, to the laundry mat. It does state clearly, though, that there is no laundry facility on property. All in all we will go back.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We had really looked forward to our stay here. By the end of the trip, it is, by far, the worst place we ever stayed. As a previous poster had said the owner is rude. He came down to speak to me, he was obnoxious. He also, decides who has to obey the rules and who doesn't. His own people, in their golf carts speed, constantly (as does he). The site was dirty, I had to clean it up, there were candy wrappers, cigarette butts and food all over the place. His Wi-Fi was just awful. My husband had to work and he had more trouble staying online. The bath rooms and showers were very clean, until the weekend came, then it was just a disaster. The seasonal campers for the most part were rude and unfriendly. A few were very nice. Due to the owners dislike of me (or at least my perception due to the way he treated us all week) he managed to see my son coming back to out site (he was a few minutes late from curfew, to be fair) He ripped into my 12yo son about being out and his last remark to my son was "let me guess your from site 66" he's a bully at best. All I can say is I hope he doesn't treat everyone the way he treated us.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I really liked Circle 9. There are some really great sites in the woods. They were one of the earliest with the Wi-Fi, which is why we chose the campground. Not the prettiest campground, but the owner was incredibly nice and friendly. If you're NASCAR fans it very close to the raceway. I liked its closeness to Concord.
rating [ 8/10 ]
For a state park, Wildwood is great. Its biggest drawback is that they do not allow animals. If you plan to camp there make sure you bring a fire ring of sorts. They do not supply them. The walk down to the sound is very nice and the sunsets can't be beat. We stayed in the trailer are which was very quiet. The tent area was very large, and seemed to be on the wild side of the campground.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The campground is not the greatest I've ever stayed in. The owners were very friendly and helpful. We had a language issue with our "neighbor", her mouth was very vulgar and we didn't want our children subjected to it. The owner came down to straighten. The view from our site was beautiful, by the river. Overall it was a good trip.
rating [ 9/10 ]
My family loves this campsite. They have great activities for the kids. The mini golf course is the best. The campground is just beautiful. My only beef is that you have to pay for your stay up front and there are no refunds. I can't afford to pay for a vacation that I may not be able to take. Sadly, I will not be taking any week long vacations here due to this practice. I really wish they would rethink this policy.
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