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rating [ 3/10 ]
Well, what can I say about this park. Like the other reviewers, they are right. It is basically a parking lot, which means sites are level and you have a very small patch of 'grass' in front or behind your rig. But you can't complain, what do you expect. You are walking distance to the beach but can not see it from the park. Also the staff was very nice. That is about all the good things to say. As for what to expect other than that. The picnic table is very small with them being barely covered. Ants are everywhere and DO bite! Just setting up your rig will absolutely cause you to get eaten up by either the ants or the mosquitoes. The beach was in horrible condition while we were here. Seaweed everywhere. Trash, diapers, plastic bags, old cups, old lumber all over. I am from Texas and knew not to expect much but some friends really wanted to come here so we decided to join them. Of course, we had a good time with friends but don't expect much. Know what your getting. I would recommend this place to someone wanting to visit the area for family and friends or to go out fishing, but other than that not much here. Also please don't think I am being harsh like another reviewer said, just trying to let you guys know what to expect before you come out. If you do decide on this place stay positive and make the best of it. My wife and I will not be coming back.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed at this park for a last minute spring break trip with family. The campground, like always with a COE park, was very nice with large sites. There were a lot of oak and juniper trees around for good shade and privacy. The sites are not level however so expect some leveling work when you get here. The area to bar-b-que and picnic table were excellent. Very large and well maintained. I rate this park a 7 because there are no hiking trails. So if you want to just sit around with family and hang out I think this is a great place. Also if you want to visit Georgetown it is also quite close to town too. I would absolutley go back to this campground.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Don't be fooled about me giving them an 8. This place is excellent. I would have given a 10 but I reserve that for places that have beautiful scenery as well. This place was great and I highly recommend it. (Tried to stay at By the River RV Park, had a good laugh and ended up here). All the sites were concrete and very well maintained. I think we have a very nice 39' fifth wheel, but we looked like little kids compared to all the rigs here. WOW, there are nice people here and nice rigs to look at. Their website says it all and they deliver. This place exceeded my expectations and I would stay here again in a heart beat. The only complaint to consider is that they are off the IH-10 and you could hear road noise, but it was not bad at all and I am just being picky for you. Have fun here!
rating [ 6/10 ]
We stayed here in with a large group of about thirty or more people. There are nice large sites if you stay at sites 25-32. However sites 2-8 are very nice too. We stayed at site 25 and thought it was really nice. The gravel pad is not level though. The picnic table has a nice cover and fine gravel all around it. This campground is nice however does not offer much as far as hiking or biking unless you just stay on the roads. The bathrooms clean but that's as far as I would take it. I'm glad I had my own... We really enjoyed our stay because of the association we got with our friends however the host were very rude as was noted by all. I also stayed here a couple of weeks ago just to check it out before our group came and the same hosts were here and were extremely rude then. Not only our group noticed this but others in the park mentioned it too. If you see a Vermont license plate watch out!! While we had a very good time we probably won't come back for a while.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was a great campsite. The owners are very nice and the grounds were fantastic. A little close to each other though, but not bad. We stayed at #24 and that seemed to be the best site. You may want to ask for this site. The only reason why I didn't give this park a 10 is because the cable TV was not good at all. Seemed to be just hooked up to an antenna. Also the Wi-Fi was almost non-existant. That was probably because our site was far from the office. Remember: this is a little ticky tack on my part because why go to the Smokey's to watch TV and get online? But hey, I am just letting you know. If we go back to the Smokey's one day I won't even look for another RV Campground: will go to this one! Just a side note: I looked at several other RV parks while driving around and while some were nice, alot of them were just one RV stacked on the other. Also very important: listen to the directions on how to get there by the owner. Do not go through Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg: wow what a traffic mess! Going around the mountain on I-40 is so much faster.
rating [ 8/10 ]
My wife and I just purchased a fifth wheel and tried it out at Indian Lake State Park for 2 days. When we arrived at 6 in the afternoon: no one was available to check us in. Even though we had reservations, we could not tell where to go so we went from camper to camper knocking on doors until some one helped us out and told us to just park anywhere and check in, in the morning. That was very confusing! Other than that, the campsite was great. Very few people here and the view was great. We stayed at D50 which was a full hookup site (rare). This site had a great view of the lake so we had to pay up a little for it but it was worth it. Now that I know what to expect at this camp site I would gladly go back.
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