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rating [ 8/10 ]
This park is mostly used by their permanent residents, but they have several spots available for rv'ers. No shower; no bathroom; no laundry. The neighborhood is quite noisy, as two major streets run down two sides of the half-block-square area. I think there are around 80 spots total. At night, however, it's quiet enough for a good, sound sleep. Long-term visitors (over one month) are expected to water/mow their grass. I found the managers to be very friendly and helpful, and their handyman is a delight - very helpful and accommodating. The single most attractive thing about the place is its proximity to everything - you can get just about anywhere in the city in around 20 minutes!
rating [ 5/10 ]
Good for a short stay. This area of town is a little run down, but it's a short drive to Wal-Mart. Although they don't mention it either in writing or verbally, there are no refunds if you pay for a week when you decide after two days to leave. Four washers are sometimes not enough, and two of them are on their last legs.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Railroad tracks are less than 300 yards away. When a train comes, it feels/sounds like it's coming right at you. Park is on Hwy 90, the major thoroughfare in town. Walmart is right across the street. Many park models here. OK for overnight only, I would think.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very good park with a reasonable monthly rate. Owners and staff are very helpful and friendly. Trash collection at your site. Local propane vendor delivers promptly. Walmart only eight miles away. I found the park very quiet. I'll definitely stay here again.
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