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rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice layout for an RV park, with tons of room to maneuver the largest RVs easily. Bathrooms were in very nice condition, as was the pool. Park staff was very friendly and helpful. As other reviewers have stated, the water/electric and sewer hookups at this park are laid out in a crazy way for such a nice park. I have about 30 foot of 50 amp cord literally hanging in the air between my RV and the hookup post. That post could not be 1 cm further away or my cord would not reach. I also am using all 20 foot of sewer hose stretched to the max to make it to the sewer connection. The fifth wheel next to me has about 30-35 foot of sewer hose out so that he can reach the sewer. Crazy. One other small negative: the park is located NorthWest of a sewage treatment plant. When the wind is coming from the SouthEast, as it was all my 3 days here, it smells just like POOP outside all day. Can't open windows. All in all, would probably stay again, as this park seems to be the best in Salt Lake.
rating [ 2/10 ]
I do not think that this park is worth the cost, and will go down the street in the future. Park Entrance is so small that any rig over 35 foot or so will hit a large curb coming into the park. Upon Check In, the lady working at the office decided to assign me (43 foot motorhome and 10 foot motorhome trailer) the smallest site in the park even though the park was not close to full, and I had had my reservation in for one month. I asked her about this and she said that my motorhome did not look that big, and it would fit. Needless to say, it was not even close to fitting in that site, nor the second site she tried to put me in that was almost as small. After backing 43 foot of motorhome and trailer around the RV park, the third time was the charm. After a few hours in this third site, the 50 amp breaker blew at the park power connection. The park power box was hot to touch and had a burning small. Rather than burn down my RV and the park, I ran my power cord to the next site over. A KOA employee the next day assigned another RV in the space next to mine, and when he found out that I ran my power cord over to that site, he accused me of stealing the parks power. He then made me unplug my power cord and run my generator for 1.5 hours until the park power connection was repaired. This park could cause serious damage to an RV, from the high entrance curbs, narrow entrance gates, overhanging trees, and old badly wired park power connections. I will be taking my business down the street the next trip.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Not sure what is going on with the past reviews on this park. Notice that the negative reviews all state the same thing, even making fun of the owner. I am shocked that an obvious competitor's attempt to derail the park is allowed to remain. The park is one of the best I have ever stayed at, the rate more than fair, and the owner as friendly as can be. Good internet, clean bathrooms, horseshoes, rental boats, etc. Million Dollar Views. The horse is in a corral, and loves being fed hay. He is clean, friendly, and well cared for in his nice pen, further disparaging the previous reviews. Will be back to stay here again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Nothing great about this park, but nothing too bad either. The pet area was AWFUL, stunk of urine, and my dog refused to use it. We had to drive down the street to some grass at a local shopping center to let the dog use the bathroom. Other parks in the area have pull-throughs in the area for the same price. I also had to have 30 feet of sewer hose strung out tightly to reach the sewer connection. Using the pool or laundry room requires a $10 dollar deposit, so we did not use them. We planned to leave before the office opened in the morning, so there would be no one to refund the $10. There are many permanent residents, but their sites are relatively clean. Some have very old units. The people are nice and friendly and the 24 hour security was appreciated. Next time we are in Vegas, I think we will stay at one of the casino RV parks for the same price with more amenities.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I thought that this park was pretty decent, unlike some of the reviews previously. The back row of the park had a few long term tenants, but none were overly junky. The showers were not very clean, but I do not take showers anywhere but my rig. The road through the park is not that bad. I would also not use the washing machines as they looked unclean. However, the office staff was nice, and I would return again and again for the nice sites and the convenience. If you want 5 star bathrooms and laundry room, feel free to pay triple the price per night at the KOA down the road. For everyone else, this park is a good value.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This park is one of the nicest parks I have ever stayed in, and at $20 per night, I will be back again and again. The breakfast that they serve in the park was excellent, as well as the pool and hot tub. You are doing a disservice to yourself if you are staying at any other RV park in Amarillo when this park is clean, quiet, and resort like and $20 per night.
rating [ 1/10 ]
The RV Park is fine, the best you could expect for a beach RV park. The reason for the 1 rating is the "campground manager" as he calls himself. This "campground manager" is brand new to this RV park and had only been there 2 weeks. I have never had any problems in 22 years of camping, Don't drink, smoke, I go to church, etc. The park is beautiful, but you cannot have any fun because the manager will ride around on his cart and harass every camper. I will NEVER be back.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This state park is like a hidden gem in Texas. We were not expecting much due to its location, but it is actually a very pretty park. The swimming pool is top notch with lifeguards on duty, the wildlife is abundant, and the campground is quiet. If you don't have reservations though, be aware that the state park may stick you in the "wagon wheel." While not bad, it is not ideal because of lack of shade and privacy.
rating [ 6/10 ]
There was nothing wrong with this park per se, but the price of $25 dollars per night for a gravel lot type campground in the non-tourist town of Bay City, TX is what gets this park a 6 out of 10. The park is kept reasonably well, but it has zero amenities and low real estate prices around the area to justify that kind of money per night for just two people. The owners are nice and eager to please though, as was stated in another review.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We have stayed at most parks in Lubbock overnight at one point or another, and we feel this park is the nicest Lubbock has. In addition, the rate of 18 dollars per night makes this park a bargain. Sites are nice wide concrete pads with nicely manicured grass (No stickers!) The roads in the park are wide asphalt so big rig access is easy. The restrooms and laundry room are very clean and look new. The owner keeps a strict appearance code, so there are no decrepit RV's in the park like most of the other parks in Lubbock. Additionally, the location of this park in Lubbock cannot be beat for shopping, access to Texas Tech, and hospitals.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Sites are very nice and secluded, and shady. Only possible negative was that the park is a long drive to any attractions. Ranger drives around regularly checking on campers.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This park is just ok. The airport across the road is very loud with jets taking off. The monthly residents here get away with having a lot of junk strewn around their site, which was not visually appealing. The restrooms did not have soap provided, which is very unsanitary.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Pretty nice park located on the outskirts of Lubbock. The train tracks are across the road, but the train does not blow its horn, so all you feel is a little vibration when the locomotive passes. There are a few monthly people here, but the owners seem to keep a tight appearance code, and each monthly rig looks like it could pull out of the park tomorrow. The indoor pool and hot tub are clean and the showers are very well kept. Internet works very well, and is fast and free.
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