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rating [ 2/10 ]
I can't help but wonder why the Office Manager of Meridian RV Resort chose the Hospitality Field for her profession. She is rude and condescending! We were charged $917.60 for a month to stay here; we found other people who arrived at the same time we did were charged $650.00 per month. When I asked her why, her response was "because I can." I asked if we could have a refund because the park was not what we had anticipated when I made the reservations based on information from The Trailer Life Directory. The campsite we had was not the size indicated in Trailer Life. We hardly had room to park our fifth wheel and pickup in the same spot and open the passenger door on the pickup. She stated that we were informed when we checked in that there were no refunds. That was not the case. We found out after reading the rules and regulations once we go to our campsite that when checking out prior to your paid departure date, you agree to relinquish the site back to the Resort and understand that unused rents are not refunded." Prior to that time we were only aware of losing our $150 deposit if we canceled within 60 days of our reservation. Had we been aware of their policy we would have asked for a tour of the facility before checking in and we most definitely would not have stayed here! When I made reservations I was assured that there was Wi-Fi at each campsite. This was vital because of our online banking. After trying to log on several times I was told that "there is too much metal around us" and it is virtually impossible to log on at the campsite. For the month that we were here I was unable to log on once although I tried several times a day at different times. I very strongly do not recommend Meridian RV Resort. Rather than lose our $917.60 and drive away we stayed for most of the month, just avoided any contact with the office. The only positive point of Meridian RV Resort is the pool. It's a shame. In the forty years that my husband and I have been RV'ing we've never encountered a person so rude to the customers that she is hired to serve.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This RV park is beautiful. Almost makes you feel you're "in the tropics" when you're by the pool. I gave it an eight rating only because I feel the price was a little high. We hope to return there next year, but it would be nice to pay less so we can stay longer!
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a beautiful park! The people were so friendly and accommodating. The grounds and facilities are gorgeous. We most definitely will stop at this park next time we go to California.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is an older park, but the people working there and staying there were so friendly and accommodating. It's just a "happy" park. They did everything to make us feel welcome!Unfortunately it is located by a freeway and an airport so it was somewhat noisy, but I think that is something that has happened to them after the park was built and really isn't their fault. When we return to Phoenix we would stay there.
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