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rating [ 5/10 ]
I was disappointed, I have to admit. I felt like the place was a ghost town except for the partiers at night staying in the cabins. I was told the activities were fabulous. They were ok, many things cost extra (a lot extra). I realize this was their last weekend, but it was our first stay so they could have put some more effort into it. There was a pj party my kids were excited about but the seasonals were rude and drunk. We felt out of place being transients. However, the campground is very pretty. The sites are large and very woodsy. Many of the sites were on the water. Plenty of bathrooms although the dead bugs in the sink was a turn-off. I also think they need to get rid of the junk yard of trailers. It really takes away from the ambiance. We made the most of this campground but I don't think it was worth the two hour drive we made. We have definitely been to better. I don't think we will return.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We really liked this campground. However, when I made reservations a month before, I stressed I needed to be near a bathroom. She assured me I would be but upon check-in, realized I was not. I asked her to change me and she said she could not. Even when I stressed I have a special needs child and a two year old in the middle of toilet training. I was told the policy is they cannot guarantee sites unless you stay a week or more. Ok, but when we drove around we saw so many sites available near a bathroom. She told me she positively did not have anything. With a smile on her face and very pleasant but firmly standing her ground. So I went back and spoke to the people in the store. I explained our special circumstances and they gave me a site near the handicapped bathroom with no problem. I was not happy with the girl in check-in. I felt she could have listened to me more and tried a little harder to accommodate us. I understand rules, but in this case, bend a little. The pool is great. It rained two out of three days but the kids still swam since it is heated. The pool has no shade and gets so crowded on hot days (the day we checked in) so it was better this way. It was very fun for the kids. They kept going back to it the whole time. There is no life-guard and you really have to watch your kids go down the slides. It can get a little hairy. They are very strict about people watching their kids so that was somewhat reassuring. The bathrooms and showers are clean. The handicapped shower was not working but the others did and there was no lines. The snack bar is great and prices are reasonable. The store is clean and well stocked. The rec room was fun but not too overwhelming or interesting enough that the kids wanted to go there all day. The trout pond was disappointing. No catches from anyone we met. But the kids had fun anyway. Overall it was a fun place to be. Staff in the store, not overly nice but not rude either. Everyone else, very nice and friendly. It is a great family campground. They enforce quiet hours and do not allow drinking anywhere but your site. I found the campers very family oriented and not interested in partying and ignoring their children like some other places we have gone to. They allow dogs and have many places to walk. I did not see one golf cart the entire weekend. I loved this since the last place we went to was non stop golf carts with drunks driving. We will return. It really is our type of campground. It is near fun activities in NH such as the Polar caves and Clarks. That was a plus.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This place is the pits. By far the grossest, most unpleasant place I have ever been to. The staff were mutes. They did not make eye contact or acknowledge your presence unless you were holding a credit card. The grounds are a dump. The pool is filthy and unsafe. The playground consists of pieces from the dump and a few old tires. Everyone drinks and smokes ALL DAY. We were the only sober people walking around at noon. There is nothing to do here but drink. We thought of drinking the weekend away so we would be able to deal with this place but wanted to have our wits with us in case someone picked a fight with us or tried to steal our car. Don't go here, your sanity and life depends on it.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We go back here every year but will not be doing so again. The place has really gone down hill. Way too expensive and if it rains you can't use the beach (which is really what you are paying for since they basically have nothing else).
rating [ 3/10 ]
The pools were nice. My kids loved the wooden playgrounds. However, the place was loaded with wild teenagers that were not acting very nice (swearing, touching and kissing each other, rude behavior in general). The biggest problem was the golf carts zooming around with drunk drivers. My kids lives were in danger. The tent area where they put us, was a big mess-you couldn't tell where one site started and where one ended. Also, the tenters were drunk the entire weekend. Staff did not care. Everyone smoked and my daughter really enjoyed playing in all the cigarette buts. All of the areas smelled of smoke. The office staff, were not friendly beavers. I really did not fit in since we don't sport tattoos or drink from sun up to sunset.
rating [ 1/10 ]
this was a campground I will not forget. For all the wrong reasons. It was by far the worst campground we have ever been to and we have been all over. The staff were unfriendly and sat around and drank and smoked. They looked at you like you had two heads if you asked them anything. The grounds were horrible. I felt like I was in the slums. We were camping there because of a family reunion and it was the closest campground. However, I wouldn't stay there if I had to sleep in my car with my six kids. They had nothing going on and the pool smelled. Don't even mention the playground. The bathrooms were small and old. We got in trouble because the shower curtains did not contain the water and and water got on the floor. Not our fault. Also, I left a toiletry item in the bathroom, went back to get it a few minutes later and it was gone. A staff member went in after us. I asked her if she found it. She said no. I think she took it. How low can you go. So don't go here unless you want your children exposed to undesirable people.
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