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rating [ 10/10 ]
Just got home from a week long stay. The weather in Wisconsin has caused flooding in some areas of the state. Lake Delton was drained. The campground is dry, but did have some storm damage to some of the pines on the hill from either a tornado or straight line winds. The logging trucks are cleaning up. This was fun to watch how the big rigs take down the trees. There was some sawing during the day, but not anything excessive. Unless you are a day time sleeper, this should not be a concern and they will probably be done in a couple of weeks. Not unique to this campground are the mosquitos in Wisconsin this year. Bring plenty of bug spray. I used Cutter's Deep Woods with 40% deet and did not get one bite. The 7% deet will not keep them away. I sat outside most of the day and until 10 PM. We have two more weeks schedule to camp here this summer. It has been our nearby campground of choice for over 25 years. We come with friends and family. We respect the owners and the quietness of this campground. It is as safe as they can make it. It is other campers that contribute to the problems, not the staff and owners.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Wonderful experience. Nice sites. Big enough and private enough for a tourist area.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Stayed here for several day. Nice shady park. Saw some alligators.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I have been camping at Stand Rock for 20+ years. I really do not understand what the comments about the rude staff. I have never encountered this or seen it. What I have encountered and seen are some very rude campers, at checkin, at the pool and aound the campground. It is not the staff's job to control camper's children. It is not the staff's responsibility to put up with rude, sarcastic remarks from campers. If it is a party time campground, that you want, there are many in the area. They do not have a concierge staff, and may not be able to give you information on the: "best place to eat," "the best water park," "what attractions to visit," etc. The Wisconsin Dells has become an Internationally known tourist area because of it's water parks. As in any tourist area, one must do their own research to make your own decisions about where to eat and what to do. I am especially perplexed about the price gouging comment. The only thing I have paid extra for: is extra campers or visitors, and wood. I personally appreciate the extra charge for visitors and campers. I resent those that want to use a site for more than one unit or invite extras to visit and use the facilities. I have camped on sites throughout the US and have seen sites meant for one camper housing 2, 3, 4, and even 5 tents and vehicles, at no extra charge: ripping off the owners! Those of you that have left negative comments without specifics, may need to look at you role in the treatment you may have received. If you treat with respect, you will get respect.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We have been camping at Stand Rock for 20 years. We camp for long weekends and weeks throughout the summer and fall. This is a very quiet, strictly enforced, campground. While I have read comments on the staff being rude, I have never found this to be true. Granted, they leave you alone once you have checked in. This is a family owned and run campground. They do not hire teens or others to run it for them. I have felt safe enough to camp here with my children and later my grandchildren, while my husband was at work. he gates close a midnight and at least one or two security guards are on duty throughout the night. New this year - bathrooms and individual showers. A needed and appreciated upgrade. The park and pool is clean and well maintained. The sites are large, the largest of any other campgrounds in the area. Most have shade. As for recreational facilities, there is a pool, an outdated miniature golf, a playground for the 6 year olds and under, a very limited game room, store, bar and restaurant. Our family comes to enjoy the pool and an attraction or two at the Dells and eating in restaurants. The Dells has some wonderful attractions and some not so great. Something for everyone. I think if you treat the staff with respect, it will be returned. If you treat their campground with respect, you will enjoy your stay. It is not a party place.
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