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rating [ 1/10 ]
This place was awful. They have 8 horses there, and the paddocks were loaded with manure. There was no grass, only mud, and an occasional bail of hay was thrown to these skinny creatures. The cabin was filthy. I don't think it had been cleaned in months. You could write your name in the dust, and the spider webs were too numerous to count. They had the stove burners lined with foil and they were full of grease and debris from cooking. We didn't want use the bathroom shower - instead we went to the "bath house" - disgustingly dirty. We ended up buying shower cleaner to clean the bathroom in our cabin so we could shower. The deck around the cabin was very unstable. I thought we were going to fall through. It was race weekend (you would think they would have cleaned before we came considering what we paid - over $100 per night with a 4 night minimum). Then, as we walked the campground (before it rained) we came across what can only be described as the NYC Projects. Their monthly people and workers live there. There was one fifth wheel that looked like it belonged in the ghetto. They had more crap on their site, and dogs and cats (the cats were wandering around the campground). It looked like a dump. They had some sort of porch with plastic laying over on it (like it had fallen from the awning) and just "stuff" everywhere on this 50X25 site. I found out later that that was the cleaning person's trailer (didn't surprise me). If all that wasn't bad enough, the owner was a rude little man, and his wife was whiny. Most of the workers were friendly and courteous. They charged outrageous amounts for anything sold there (including milk - $4.50 FOR A QUART). The propane tank looks like its going to fall over and roll down the hill into the horse paddock. All in all - if we never see that campground again it will be a blessing. I wouldn't recommend that place to my worst enemy.
rating [ 10/10 ]
What an awesome vacation we had! First of all, the entire staff was friendly. They can't do enough for you. If they don't have it, they'll get it! The grounds were immaculate: they picked up the trash every day, the restrooms were freshly cleaned, water was hot and there was always a pot of coffee for their guests! They were very accommodating!!! They were helpful in areas of interest for visiting and their items in the store were reasonably priced (they weren't looking to make a killing). They have a beautiful pavilion and boat docks and a fishing pier that just made you feel like you were in an Otis Redding song (Sitting by the dock on the bay.). They have a computer and printer available for their campers to use. Their laundry facility was clean and reasonable. We were told they will be putting in a pool and snack bar soon and we can't wait to come back here and vacation again this summer!!! Kudos to the owners and staff at Lakeview! You're doing a super job!!!
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