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rating [ 9/10 ]
Neat place. Staff was friendly. Kids loved the baby pool and the led multi-color pool lights. The bathrooms were clean and recently remodeled, but some of the work was coming undone. The bath house was clean although some people were smoking in them despite the no smoking sign. Lake was real cool. The place did have a high level old campers that looked as if people permanently lived in them. People were nice and security patrolled often. Dont speed on the road going to it as I saw several people get pulled over.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I don't remember the price. This place was a first class RV resort. Our site did have ants but who doesn't? Asked front desk for poison and they gave it to me and it worked. Bathrooms were nice and clean. The baby pool was being repaired while we were there so the kids did not get to use it. Nice staff and nice place.
rating [ 7/10 ]
It is a campground but the staff was really nice, the pool was clean, it was a genuinely fun time. The bath houses were not up to standard but it is a campground and is appreciated that it did have showers. More specifically, the showers were functional and clean when we got there but after a packed weekend they did not look safe to use. Probably more of the guests fault than staff. The river was cool. The facilities were fun. The band was good. Spent Easter weekend and had a good time. If you are bringing a $500K motorhome expecting a five star resort, you will be unhappy. If you are planning on going camping in a family enviroment with a nice staff and nice people, then you may want to give this place a try. Really good people in this area. Don't quote me on the price, I don't remember exactly how much.
rating [ 2/10 ]
No matter what I say, if there is a spot available you will probably book it because of the price. The place is full all of the time. However, only 1 of the three bath houses has AC. My wife refused to go to the rest room at the place because none of the toliet's would flush and were full of human waste. Some of the staff was rude, (Some of the staff was also extremely nice). The bath houses just were not maintained given the amount of people at the park. My kids had fun riding bikes and looking for deer at night. They did have a lot of people drinking and driving golf carts at night which made me worry about my kids riding bikes. Out of my five neighbors, 3 of them dumped there black water on the ground which made the flies pretty bad since you are so close to each other. All in all it was a nice experience but based on the reviews I read, I expected a Resort and not a campground. This place is 100% a campground- A campground with an insane amount of people at it. Side note, when I pulled up and saw all of the motorcycles, I thought that they would all come in at 2 am waking everybody up. Funny enough, the easy riders at the State Park really only went to go get breakfast on their bikes.
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