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rating [ 7/10 ]
We have stayed here many times throughout the years because we really like Flagler Beach. The park is one a beautiful piece of property but in years past, it was really run down and poorly maintained. We stayed anyway because of the shade and location and we are usually in town anyway. It has been purchased by Encore a few years ago and changes are starting to happen. My previous review of this park was more negative and I wanted to update it based on our last visit. Encore is resurfacing the pool, re-roofing and facelifting the old bathhouses. They built a new, modern bathhouse with AC, etc., and it is very nice. They have installed a waterfall water feature with benches around it, which I frankly think was a waste of money but whatever. Much of the maintenace that had been deferred (ie: worn out electrical receps, leaky hose bibbs, broken handles, etc.) has been addressed. The clubhouse is still closed and needs torn down or completely made over, but I am thinking that all this is now being addressed. I appreciate that this is a slow economy and cash is tight everywhere. I am encouraged by the progress. I hope they get WiFi and I hope it is included with the nightly fee. I dislike having to pay extra for WiFi.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This park used to be filled with decrepit 40 year-old TTs, filled with long termers, that were poor and rednecks. We heard it had been bought and revitalized, so we thought we would go back. The new owners have done a ton to improve it and now we will go back again and again. There are new main roads, the old trailers are mostly gone. There's a new clubhouse, new pool, new electric service and new office. The spring is unique and interesting. The pool is for campers only. They are very busy with day people for the springs in the summer and it gets a little loud with a DJ, etc., but that is the atmosphere. It reminded me of a day at a busy beach. There is a slight sulphur smell at the springs, but it wasn't obnoxious. There are 20 or so semi permanent TT's which locals visit on the weekends. WiFi is not free which really bugs me. Charge everybody another $1 per day and make it free. I had 3G here, so I didn't care. The secondary roads are still compacted lime (dirt) and there are some low areas that hold water when it rains. Most sites have good drainage and it is very grassy everywhere. This place is huge and fine for walking dogs, riding bikes. We brought our scooter and were glad we did. The covered pavilions are $30 per day and there are no picnic tables on most sites. The pads are old, cracked, small and poorly located for modern motorhomes. We plan on going back soon with the grandkids. It is a unique place and the springs are great. I'm sure it will keep getting better.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This park is in receivership now, and being run by a management company appointed by the bank. It is clean and everything is being maintained. The WiFi is down but there is still free WiFi at the rec-center. Its a real shame to see what happened. The park deserves to be finished, it has so much potential. It feels like a state park with wide paved roads and every site is level and paved. So many unfinished projects and the pool was way over-designed. All they needed was a pool and they tried to put in something like Disney would do. We would go back but the rates are a little high for no pool.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Well run. Owners live on site and care about their park. May seem to have lots of rules but that is because they care about their place. Clean, perfectly maintained, paved roads, gravel sites, grass trimmed, clubhouse pleasant, owners very nice, no riff-raff allowed. Convenient to stores. Will stay there again. The only negative is that the exit is a little tight for a big rig but I simply went out the adjacent entrance which is much wider.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Sad. Beautiful piece of property, huge oaks, lots of grass. Now the bad part. Total lack of maintenance. Fire ants everywhere, non-working water spigots, office has needed a new roof for years, bathrooms should be torn down and rebuilt, pool is cracked and the lining is falling apart, store has empty shelves, limbs blocking the dump station, could not begin to drive into it. The entrance is so tight, I had to unhook to get the DP through. Absentee owners must be waiting to sell to develpers. Not worth the $35 per night. If you need a place for Bike Week, it would do but only if you can't get in somewhere else.
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