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rating [ 3/10 ]
Although staff assured me that we could get our satellite signal in the space that was assigned us, it was not true. We believed her and were entirely set up to be disappointed. Only here three days so we decided to rough it. Cable (25 channels) really poor, bad reception. Wi-fi, I had better 10 years ago. The excuse was the park was full (not true). Bad in the daytime, non-existent at night. Several (4, I think) spots here are showing very large animal pens with 10-15 dogs. This is ridiculous. I did not book a KOA to spend it near a kennel. They were very proud of their "5000" foot enclosed dog park. Please, my back yard is bigger than that and no doggie bag dispensers! Really disappointed, will not stay here again. Good point, bus to downtown reasonable, close to Alamo and Riverwalk. Very poor grocery store (HEB). Take the bus for downtown, parking is 15.00 for just a few hours.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Campground roads not paved. Trash everywhere. Crumbling pads for "patio" area. Weeds, bugs, garbage everywhere. This place looks like it hasn't been cleaned in 5 years. The office is a covered three sided room in the garage. Wi-Fi didn't work the entire time we were there. (3 days). No grocery store except for a convenience store which was pretty decent for the necessities. People do alot of fishing and oysters around here, shells and fishy smells everywhere. They have a fish cleaning table near the parking spots. Nasty is being easy on them, they should close this place down.
rating [ 3/10 ]
I was very pleased when we first arrived, clean, great Wi-Fi, the bay one our side of the road, the ocean on the other side. Full use of the Ramada Inn pools, beach front etc. BUT then the construction began. They are putting in mini golf course next door. Trucks beeping from 6:30 AM to 6PM, Usual construction noise and we are about 10 steps away. Then they started sanding the water tower. I have never been subjected to this much noise in my life and I am paying for it. I asked then to move us to the other side of the park (we are here for a month) and they couldn't do it. They did not offer a monetary compensation for the racket even though I asked. Customer service sucks. I will not be back. If you come, bring ear plugs.
rating [ 4/10 ]
They failed to tell me that because we were staying a month we would be charged for electric. The Wi-Fi is as terrible as I have experienced. Down quite often and slow, extremely slow. Difficult to even get connected at times. I finally just gave up. Staff very pleasant. There is no garbage pick up. Small fenced dog run. The site is surrounded by what I would call a moat. Stagnant water that breeds a bug that is extremely small, black and has a bite like a mosquito. Level site and water logged when it rains. Will not come back.
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