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rating [ 8/10 ]
Note: We were informed that as of 8/1/13 this campground will no longer accept pets (even if they stay inside the coach at all times). This is primarily a long-term park with a limited number of transient spaces, so if you have an RV over 30' you definitely want to reserve in advance as availability for larger RV's on short notice is quite limited. There are no pull-through sites; everything is a back-in, and things are tight because the park is effectively 90% full at all times, so you do need to be comfortable maneuvering in close quarters. If you need to be in the LA area you really have no other close in options. The park is clean and the people nice although the management has to be...well... "tolerated."
rating [ 2/10 ]
The only reason we stayed here is because our grandparents are old-time Thousand Trails members that can stay effectively for free and we wanted to spend Thanksgiving with them. The condition of the park is terrible, nothing is being kept up, public restrooms and showers were disgusting. Most sites appear to be very off level; be prepared with lots and lots of blocks. There aren't assigned sites, so when you come in make sure water, power and sewer work in your spot before investing much effort setting up, as many sites have issues with one of the three. It is next to the train tracks and a large dog kennel where you can hear the dogs howling and barking through the night. Aside from our grandparents, we hated every bit of the park.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Clean, but darn tight. Getting into most spaces (no pull throughs) with big motor homes isn't too bad but does require attention to detail. The beach access isn't too bad at the north end of the campground. You do have to leave the campground for the city street and then back to the beach, but at a casual walk it's 5 minutes. However, with the sites close together and tons of kids around, with many sites having a kid's tent, it's very noisy outside the quiet hours. Don't plan on getting to sleep before 10:00 pm unless you are a sound sleeper. Overall, if there's nowhere else available it's an okay park, but it's nothing special and I'd look at some of the very nearby alternatives outside the summer season.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Level, clean and next to the fairgrounds itself. No real ambiance, and for many sites, you'll find your neighbor's dump hose running right into the middle of your sitting area. If you are planning on running out a slide on each side, definitely make sure they know that when you reserve a space: there are spaces that are fairly narrow. But for the fairgrounds events you can't go wrong!
rating [ 5/10 ]
Usually KOA is decent value if nothing else. This one was pricy, spaces small and hard to get into with a larger motor home. Even just driving on the road between the spaces meant running into some tree branches as things aren't well trimmed back. Wouldn't bother going back.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Nice campground, staff are friendly. However the claim of 70' long sites is incorrect; no site is longer than 45'. If you are choosing the 50amp/70' site for the length only (for example, a 36' motor home towing a trailer) you are wasting your time; you will definitely need to unhitch. If you can get by on 30 amps you can save $5 or so a night and get the identically sized space.
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