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rating [ 9/10 ]
We have been at Lake Falling Star RV Resort for a few weeks, and it is a lovely place to stay. Being a country setting with a small lake, it's peaceful and quiet. Lots of places to walk your dog, as it sets on several acres. They have several very cute cabins. Kelly and her family, the owners, are very friendly and helpful and makes everyone feel at home. They work hard to keep it clean and pleasant. I highly recommend it for a getaway. Very children and pet friendly.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This park sits in a really nice setting, and could be a really nice park, but the full timers have junked it up and obviously the owners don't care. We were anxious to leave, and feel that their website makes it look much nicer than it is. I think we would have rather stayed at the Turlock fairgrounds than here.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice enough park. Lots of monthly people, usually working here in the area temporarily. Paved roads, dirt lots with a patio and table, but they are big. Lots of shade trees in the monthly section. Some of the management isn't too friendly, others are. They have nigh time security, which is good. We had no problems while there for three months. We were there during the windy season, Feb thru April, and there was lots of dust. The overnight area has no trees. Different sections for animals and no animals, which I really liked. I would stay here again, but not during the windy season.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We moved in here three months ago, and we love it. It's small and everyone is friendly. Lots of monthly tenants, but everything is nice and neat. Friendly people staying here, and a lot of us are working here in the area temporarily. Also a lot of overnights and weekly RVers. The management is great. I will miss them when we leave. I have also made lots of friends here. They have a nice pool in the mobile home section, but the RV tenants are welcomed. Nice wide paved roads, level cement pads and cement patios. The other areas are gravel, so not much dust blowing around. Nice shade trees and your lots are big. They aren't strict about how many vehicles you have, as long as it's on your own lot. We have our 37' fifth wheel with 4 slideouts, dually truck, motorcycle trailer and two motorcycles and still have a nice shady patio area. TV reception is good with lots of channels. Good Wi-Fi and we get good reception on our Verizon phones. I put $10 a night because that is what we pay for monthly rates, I don't know what nightly rates are. I would stay here again and again if in the area. We will be leaving soon, and I will miss all the nice people we have met.
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