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rating [ 1/10 ]
Disgusting, dark, scary, dirty bathrooms with no air conditioning and lots of spiders, mosquitoes, and roaches. No septic systems, so you not only can't take showers in their bathrooms, you can't take showers in your own camper because there is no sewer system. The camp sites are very, very small and hard to get in and out. Also, the campground gate closes every night a 10pm so if you are out past 10 pm you can not come back into the camp ground and either have to sleep in your car outside gate (which is very far from camp ground) or rent a hotel until they open gate at 7am. There are about 4 camp hosts on site but they will not under any circumstance open that gate, and they don't care about the campground or bathrooms or anything as long as they get their stuff for free. And of course, they have sewer hook ups on their sites, just not anywhere else.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very beautiful RV park with pool, large laundry room, ok size sites, but beautiful views of mountains. No shade and lots of traffic noise. It felt like a very secure and safe RV park because of the 8' rock wall around it and no neighbors near by. Mostly industrial area. But, overall I would definitely stay there again. I have no real complaints. Staff was seen, but not heard. They kept park clean and running efficiently. We stayed there about a month and love it.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Extremely nice RV park with a weight room, laundry room, movie room, store, pizza, pool, and mini golf. Lots of trees and a good sized site with yard. Very clean and we loved it but it is very expensive for Oklahoma City. We stayed there a month for work and you do have to make your reservations at least a month in advance because this place is always packed. There is always something fun going on in Oklahoma City for kids, adults and seniors. We travel all over US and we love OKC. I would recommend this park over all the others.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a beautiful RV park with deer and the San Saba river behind you. Very nice pavilion room and of course, right next to golf course. Free washer and dryer to do laundry. However, there is nothing and I mean nothing to do in San Saba. Everything closes at 8:30pm if it is even open at all. Nothing is open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday including restaurants. We walked into a restaurant/bar that makes their own beer at 8:15pm and they told us the kitchen was already closed and all they could serve us was a non-alcoholic drink in a to-go cup because they were closing in 15 minutes. To me it seems like either everyone here is extremely lazy in this town or everyone is independently wealthy and do not need to work. Also, on the days business are open, they close for lunch everyday between 11 and 1.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Lots of stuff to do with kids at Duncan's. Lifeguards on duty at pool. Cute little café with pizza, ice cream and hotdogs. Friday or Saturday night they have outdoor family friendly movie night with a large blow up movie screen. Scavenger hunts for the kids during day. The owner is very creative and personal about keeping her guests happy. I really loved this park. We stayed there for 30 days while working and we had two kids with us. The kids never wanted to leave.
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