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rating [ 9/10 ]
Sites were the narrowest we've ever stayed at, but beautiful, well maintained, and great staff. Has a small mini golf course, pool, game room, activities, etc. Fewer sites than other places so reserve early. Convenient to Kennett and West Chester which both have nice down towns to walk, eat, and shop. Baltimore, Philly, DC, and Hershey are all within reach.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Price reflects 4th of July holiday weekend, with full hookups. I think everybody looks for something different in a campground. This one fit us perfectly, we will definitely return. First, some cons: The roads are pretty rough, showers were small, and the "WiFi" wasn't reachable from our campsite. As far as cons go, that was about it. Our entire stay was extremely enjoyable. The route to the campground was very clearly marked starting almost 8 miles out (which in my experience is unusual), and the roads inside the campground were easy to follow. No trouble finding our site. Our site was very easy to back into with plenty of room, and was relatively level. The sewer drain was mounted pretty high off the ground, so bring sewer hose supports. The site was deep, so we had plenty of room. I would definitely call this a "family" campground. Kids were EVERYWHERE, and ours had no trouble making friends. I'm sort of glad the roads are so full of potholes, slowing down the traffic. I've been to "family campgrounds" before, but never one with this many activities. They had more things planned in a single day than other places we've been to plan all weekend. They also plan occasional day trips: the Bronx Zoo, and a Connecticut beach were on the list. It was pretty much non-stop, sometimes with more than one choice of things for the kids to do. The variety was good, too: a pancake breakfast, scavenger hunts, arts & crafts, fire engine and tractor rides, a bounce house, bingo AND karaoke, etc. Staff was almost ludicrously friendly. KOAs are known for friendly staff, but these folks would take the cake. Free showers, discounts on Six Flags tickets, no charge for guests, and a decent pool all rounded out the picture. We will definitely return!
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed here on our PA rate so they parked us close to the road, but we were glad they did because winds were high (coldest winter in 25 years, too), and the folks along the ocean took a beating. Sites are very closely packed, but most have concrete pads (ours did), and are clean and well maintained. They're obviously designed for big motorhomes. We had to get an extra water hose to reach all the way back to the spigot, and it felt like camping in the city: skyscrapers all around us with the rigs. The sun went down early! But the people were very friendly, and they gave us more assistance parking than any other place I've been. I didn't NEED the help, but the guy knew the spot already and got us spot-on to the ideal location. That's a nice touch. Each site has a picnic table, although it's considerably smaller than the ones you find in state parks. Like some other reviewers have commented, I did get that occasional sewer smell. No idea: the whole island chain is only feet above sea level. There could be dozens of reasons for it. We put up with it. Laundry facilities were large and we were glad to have them, although they were somewhat more expensive quarter-wise than we've spent elsewhere. Everything in the keys is more expensive, so this didn't feel excessively out of line. We did notice a lot of dogs when we came. The owners were better than most, but it's still an annoyance to have a child napping and a dog yipping away, especially with the sites so closely packed together. Dogs aren't the campground's fault, they're the owners', but as I said: close proximity in this park may test your patience if you're unlucky enough to be next to a yippy-dog owner. Wi-Fi service was: acceptable, and it was free so we got what we paid for. They don't have much bandwidth, so during off-times it works great, but when the other campers all get online after it gets dark, it slows to a trickle. We ended up using our mobile broadband card much of the time. They were experimenting with a new service when we arrived. They had a propane vendor come on site, with a sign-up sheet to get your tanks filled. This is a great idea, and I hope they continue it. During the summer we don't use it much, but in winter camping we go through it like crazy, and I travel with extra spare tanks. As it turned out, we ended up not getting our tanks filled from the vendor, because they charged a delivery fee. That seemed out of line to me, since they were apparently charging everybody the same fee, and their truck was already on site. The delivery fee on top of filling my little 20lb tanks would have doubled the price. The delivery guy was at least kind enough to mention this himself, and suggest that I take my tanks to their filling station in town. But still, if I had had 30s or larger on there, I would REALLY have appreciated this service. I hope Jolly Roger keeps it up. I don't understand why more campgrounds don't do that.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed here for 3 nights on the way to the Keys, and thought it was a great value! I would call this more of a "trailer park" campground than a "woodland setting". It's not a place I'd take the kids and consider myself "roughing it". Some campgrounds are family activity focused. You know the type: the Yogi Bear places. Some are scenic/woodland setting places. The dry-camping state parks and small woodland campgrounds. Then there are places, where the majority are permanent residents up on blocks, "activities" means doing your laundry, and your closest neighbor is the highway. No complaints though! This was an excellent value for the money: right off the highway, full hookups for very reasonable rates, better Wi-Fi connectivity than any other park I've been in (it's faster than my home connection), and a close drive to St. Augustine. I wouldn't stay here for 2 weeks of family-bonding "roughing it". I would definitely stay here again to visit St. Augustine and/or on the way through the area.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed here for two nights while visiting family. Very nice wooded setting. We've heard horror stories about boat noise and low water levels, but maybe those were old issues because neither was a problem for us. We stayed at site 153, which was tucked back in a quiet corner. It's technically "lakefront", although the lake was a bit of a walk down a hill. The site itself had a bit of an odd layout, and it was tricky getting the trailer into the spot my wife wanted it in while dodging a large, above-ground sewer manhole. By the time we were in, we didn't have enough sewer hose to reach, given the layout, so we waited to dump until we left. Also, some previous visitor had stripped the threads on the water tap, so I had to use a manual transfer container to keep our water filled. Maintenance doesn't seem to be a massively high priority here. Technical issues aside, we very much enjoyed the setting. There was little light pollution, so we always had bright starry skies at night, and it was very quiet compared to other places we've stayed! The sites are far enough apart from one another, and there are few enough of them, that you don't get the "motorhome motel" feeling you get at some RV parks. A cold snap came through so we left early and headed south. The campground's policy is not to refund pre-paid days, but to "bank" them for 6 months - not that unusual. We'll be back later this year to use them, if we can. I'm rating this an 8/10. It's a great "outdoors" spot, especially if you like lakes and plan to get a lakefront site to fish from, or you bring a boat. It's a little on the rougher side if you're looking for more activities-driven camping, or you care a lot about having every hookup imaginable. For the price, we were very happy with the park - we've paid more for less.
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