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rating [ 9/10 ]
I have reviewed this park before (a year ago) and what a huge improvement. Stayed here this past weekend for our annual White Water river rafting weekend with a huge group of friends and noticed big changes at this camp site. The previous hosts are gone and have been replaced by a very capable, efficient and friendly couple who are extremely customer service orientated and professional . They are visible all the time, making patrols around the camp site, reprimanding pet owners who do not pick up after their dogs and maintaining order in this beautiful place. The camp site was remarkably tidy and order prevailed this time round (no rowdy campers making noise till the early hours, no cussing , use of illegal drugs etc which occurred a year ago). The county of Yolo has now built a check-in office and a shop where one can get fire wood and ice. This is a nice useful addition to the camp site. There are also plenty of recycle bins. The sites are lovely with green lawns and many trees for shade. The river was especially welcome with temps in the 100's . The river's level was quite a bit higher and this made today's white water rafting even more fun than usual. I have given this camp site a 9 this time around after all the improvements. If it had sites with partial /full hook ups it would score a round 10. Well worth it.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Camped here for the first time for 3 nights. It is the closest Camp ground to where the Cache Canyon River Rafting and another white water rafting companies are located. (The purpose of my trip). You basically arrive and drive directly to the camp site that you have booked via Email/ telephone with a women at Yolo County offices.The camp host then comes to sign you in and give you a receipt. There was no one posted at the gate and I get the feeling that many people come for the day and do not pay at all. The camp site itself is located in a beautiful area off Highway 16, just 6 miles west of Rumsey, CA. The Cache Creek casino and resort is not that far away either. The location is gorgeous and the camp site has many nice trees and lots of shade. There are NO hookups at this campsite so dry camping is the order of the day. There are many taps available to fill up your fresh water tanks though and a good dump station nearby (oddly located in the middle of the camp site though). I did not see any showers in the rest rooms and the rest rooms looked like they needed to be cleaned more regularly. I was at the campsite during a very busy summer weekend and the camp site was full so it stands to reason that the rest rooms would get dirty quickly. It also came to my attention that there is only one camp host for this whole camp site (quite a responsibility actually). A sign is posted advertising for another Camp host so this might be you! As for the camp host (and his female significant other), they were pleasant enough on the first day I arrived , however on day two the host's wife/ significant other appeared severely intoxicated while riding along with her man on the golf cart. This is worrisome as camp hosts have the responsibility of ensuring that the camp runs smoothly and maintain order when people get out of line. As as feared, there was very little oversight of the camp site by the camp hosts. Unfortunately the Friday and Saturday nights and afternoons were both marred by noisy, obnoxious camping groups who drank alcohol non stop and smoked pot openly in front of their children. The foul language and cussing was very unpleasant as well, and showed a lack of any culture of these individuals. The river is at the bottom of the camp site and there is a small "beach" however this was pretty full over the weekend. If I camp here again, it will be during the week when the camp site is peaceful or I will book sites that are tucked away from the crowds (sites 38, 40 and 42 are good choices). I give this camp site a 7 because of poor/ no host oversight and host inebriation, dirty restrooms and a dump station in the middle of the camp ground. As far as natural beauty though, it would score a 10. Not that far from the Bay area either and the white water rafting is a great fun activity for the whole family or a group of friends.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Just spent the last 3 weeks staying at this wonderful RV Resort and wanted to leave a comment as I had a great stay here and will be back in the Summer when the weather is better. Lots of rain unfortunately but still had a good experience. Lovely camp site with incredible views over the ocean. The Office staff were very pleasant and helpful and I did not encounter any bad attitudes from anyone. I really cannot fault this Resort on anything and so gave them a 10/10. Just something to bear in mind; make sure you use your leveling blocks under your wheels as the sites are not all level. Great facilities and looking forward to my next visit in the Summer months.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This was my second visit to Ocean Mesa and I have to say I was a bit disappointed this time. I realize that it is high season and that the campground was full while we were staying here. The site we got (850) seemed to be a general thoroughfare for the whole campground from the lower RV area to the dogpark, play park and open area west of the site. Despite asking campers repeatedly to not walk through my site, people continued to do so. There should be some type of barrier on one or both sides to prevent people from walking through ones site as common courtesy clearly no longer exists. The WiFi was non existant during our entire stay so the management really should not advertise that they have WiFi at all. Campers were VERY noisy at night and it seems that there was little if no enforcement of the quiet time rule. I hope Ocean Mesa sorts out these matters, especially when they charge the highest nightly rate that I have ever paid for a camp site.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is my first time camping at the Happy Traveler and I had a great experience. The sites are nicely level and private with tall hedges on both sides.The sewer hook up point was slightly up hill so did not work as well when I needed to drain the tanks. Having cable was great. The Tengo Wi-Fi reception was not very strong at all at my site, so that is probably the only thing that could be fixed. (A stronger signal would give this RV Resort a 10/10.) The lady at the front desk was SO friendly and helpful; definitely created a great 1st impression.This RV resort is nice and close to the down town area of Palm Springs, but not really within walking distance, unless you are up for a considerable walk. Lots of "snow birds" in the park which can be a good thing as long as the camp sites don't start looking too much like a mobile home park which can give the RV resort a bad reputation which this resort clearly does not have presently. The Happy Traveler has the potential to attract the high end coaches as well as regular campers who camp in motorhomes, travel trailers and 5th wheels. I will definitely be back to this very popular RV resort. Just a side note, no children are allowed during the peak winter season which may be a downer for those families with young kids.
rating [ 7/10 ]
As as nearby resident, I like to come and camp on the beach at this State Park site fairly frequently. I enjoy Bolsa Chica SP because it is close to where I live, and therefore the drive is a short one. I love being right on the beach and having a beach view from my Airstream. There is a great bike path where you can rollerblade, skate, cycle or jog. The restrooms are not used often as all RV's here need to be self sufficient, but what I have seen of them, they are well maintained and clean.I would give this SP a higher score if it had some green lawns between the sites, and if it had sewer hook-ups. The sites are close together and as others have mentioned, it really is a parking lot with partial hook ups. The camp hosts have been great up until this most recent visit.I had just got back from being out in my SUV and was going to go out again in a short period of time. The one camp host came up to my trailer and was incredibly confrontational and threatening and told me that I had better back my car in otherwise I would be fined. I take exception to his attitude and abrasive disposition and trust that fellow campers do not encounter this most unpleasant man. (he stayed in the trailer at the south end of the camping area) I am considering writing to the State Park System to complain about this man's inhospitable manner. Other than this unfortunate incident, I love the site and will visit again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Spent the Thanksgiving weekend at this amazing camp ground and while it is a State Park, I was impressed by how well kept the park was and how clean the facilities were. The sites are HUGE with full hookups in the one section. There were many sites available to choose from and my advice to those booking through reserveamarica, call them and find out what sites are available as the website is not always accurate.This is a peaceful place to camp and the stars at night are incredible. The rangers were extremely friendly and helpful and there are great places to hike and also cycle on your bicycle. I'm making it my regular long weekend getaway destination and hope to keep this place a secret. The only issue was that the WiFi obviously was not working as I did not get any signal from my camp site.Then again you do not need to be on the computer when surrounded by such amazing beauty.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I have been looking forward to this camping trip for a long time and Pechanga RV resort definitely lived up the all the great reviews and write ups I had read prior to booking. It's a beautiful site , and despite it being next door to the Casino, one feels like one is in the country somewhere. My site was in "A" street which in my opinion was the best as its was well away from Pechanga Pkwy and also because it is at the foot of the hills the surround this beautiful place. At night I could here coyotes in the hills and saw small rabbits around the camp site.The facilities are spotless and the staff were more than friendly and incredibly helpful. There is a lot to do in Temecula and I just got back from a day of visiting the local "wine Route" and several awesome wine estates. The casino is fun and the hotel has a lot going on too. Pechanga definitely rates at the top of my list for high quality camp sites for RVs and Travel Trailers/Fifth Wheels. Will definitely come back soon!
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