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rating [ 1/10 ]
We camp with small children and a dog in a motor home. pros. 1. Some of the employees were nice 2. It is relatively cheap. 3. Some things for the kids to do. (playground, jump pillow, swimming pool.) They also had an activity. The cons: 1. This place was dirty - There were a lot of leftover waterlogged socks near the jump pillow from previous jumpers. Also, I noticed lots of cans and trash scattered throughout the park. 2. There are a lot of seasonal campers that seem to work for the natural gas company. They drove their huge pickups quite fast down the gravel roads. Also, at 5AM the campground became quite active and loud. 3.We were approached by one of the employees on a golf cart with another camper in tow. She demanded to know what time we were leaving (at 10:30 in the morning.) I told her about just before noon. Apparently, there was a mix up and they had double booked our site. There were numerous other open sites around our area. She had the next campers pull into the open site NEXT to ours but would not let me set up there. They had to wait until we were gone to move into our site. The whole time they kept giving us dirty looks but we were paid and intended to let our kids have one more jump on the pillow. We needed somewhere to double check some things before we head out on an extended vacation and this place served it purpose. I would not come back here for anything else though.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This park is nice enough. It is clean and well kept. The only downside is that the sites are incredibly small. Super duper small. We had a nice time and the staff was friendly.
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