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rating [ 9/10 ]
This place would get a 10 IF the lake was up. I can imagine how much nicer it would have been if the lake didn't shrink, allowing lots of red clay/mud to enter into the fantastic view and mess up me and my kayak. We stay at lots of COE campgrounds, and this is one of the nicest as far as design and utilities. The sites are very large and mostly heavily treed, and Uncle Sam is actually mowing the grass here! Senior rate of $16 is higher than most COE parks, but is still worth the $32 regular rate. The only negative other than the lake level is no sewer, which is pretty standard where the grounds can get flooded.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We stayed on 2 sites: #12 for 2 nights then moved to premium #1, with a WOW view!! The entire campground is extremely well maintained and clean with mostly heavy shade, except for most of the premium sites. The premium sites all have fantastic views of the river valley All utilities work great including Wi-Fi. The maintenance man/grounds keeper is fantastic. He will help you with what ever you need. The entire staff is very pleasant. As for the road up to the CG: I pulled my toad up behind my 43 footer. No problem as long as you pay attention to the curves. The tightest part was turning ONTO that road up the hill. Overall one of the best we have visited. Very close to Asheville and the Blue Ridge Pkwy.
rating [ 10/10 ]
The only thing I didn't like about the resort was the price. I was penalized for booking early: long before they reduced the rate by 20%. This is an immaculate RV resort with constant maintenance and a very friendly crew everywhere from the front office to the tree trimmers. It is not on the Atlantic, but on a shallow bay with amazingly clean water. I had a kayak and had fun but there was little marine life to see in the bay other than a zillion sponges growing everywhere. My wife loved it so much she doesn't even want to check out other campgrounds in the keys on the way home, not even any other sites here. We were on 64: as before, no complaints except I missed the discount for being far sighted. We will be back: wifey says so!!
rating [ 9/10 ]
We have been here many times and each time I have the same and only complaint. I would give it a TEN, except there is a chronic 50 amp LOW VOLTAGE issue here for the past few years. I have a power monitoring system (Progressive) and believe what it tells me. Each time I'm here, whether winter or summer, the voltage on leg 1 drops to very low levels, down to 103 or less. Leg 2 is better but not great! Several times, my power monitor will shut down due to voltage under 103. So I am only able to run one AC at a time, and it's in the 90s. The park is full now for Memorial Day, but when it's pretty empty, same story. Otherwise a great place!
rating [ 7/10 ]
The sites have recently been repaved after Ivan damage in 2004, but unfortunately were not enlarged. For some reason, the access to the power post (50 amp) is very limited...I could NOT reach the post at my site with my attached 50 amp cord since my electric bay is well in front of the rear wheel and the post is almost 20 feet behind where the pavement ends..I was lucky to have a 30 amp cord to make the connection at all! I noticed that most of the sites have this same bad design. The park is clean but access to the gulf OR Pensacola bay is not real convenient..and Ivan killed most of the trees, most sites are totally in the sun.
rating [ 9/10 ]
The park has very spacious sites and is very nice: all concrete. Has several concrete hiking paths. The COE site is a bit misleading: this park is NOT on the Tenn Tom waterway, but an elbow off of it. There would be no commercial river traffic to see. Also, on the COE site it lists sewers: this is true for only about 26 sites, and most of them are 'river view,' not on the river. So I was a bit disappointed to learn that. I used TWO GPS units to find this park: both got totally screwy and got me totally lost. I had to go to 2 gas stations to get directions. There are NO signs to guide you until you turn onto the CG road, already well into the woods!!! It would have gotten a 10, IF it was really on the river and had sewer.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The park has many sites with great views of Lake Martin, but they are without sewer hookups. There are about 18 lakefront sites, but the views are disappointing, as the patio faces away from the lake in most cases. I would recommend a non sewer site with a much better view. A lot of the sites are pretty small with unlevel patio areas. Maintenance seems to be great. As I was planning my exit route, I noticed some very low branches over the exit road. As my coach is over 12 ft high, they would scrape the stuff on my roof pretty badly. I called them at 7:30 AM and they were removed before 9 AM the same day! Overall, it's a very nice park with some very beautiful vistas of the lake.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Some of the sites are heavily shaded with oaks and the longest Spanish moss I've seen; the bad part is the trees require tight maneuvers for big rigs, and I was unable to level on one of them. The park was almost completely empty, therefore very relaxing. The sites are all grass/sand/tree droppings which makes for a very gritty floor inside. The grounds were well maintained, and the golf course looked nice, along with a 5 foot gator in the pond at the front entrance. We intended to spend a lot of time in the Disney/Orlando area and were told it was 'about 13 miles away.' This was untrue. It's about 35 miles to that area. A good 45 minutes as quoted on their website, that I did not look at before arrival. Overall a very quiet park in the summer, but not close to anything 'touristy.'
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a very clean park with lots of trees and some hills. It's an old quarry with scars of its use in the past. The sites are mostly large with natural grass instead of the typical pads. The utilities are located at the very rear of most sites, making for a long reach with your hoses and electrical. Wi-fi usually worked but was dead a few mornings. The staff is very friendly and the park is close to stores, but about 7 miles to the gulf. Overall it's a very nice place for the money: I would return!
rating [ 9/10 ]
A very clean park with pretty rockscapes and flowering plants throughout. The management is very nice and honestly eager for you to be happy there. My biggest complaint is the narrowness of the pull throughs.They are on a slope and the available area for a patio is small rocks on the slope. Other than that, a great park!
rating [ 5/10 ]
The sites are small, uneven, muddy and no patio...only a few have picnic tables. Lots of shade and close to Atlanta are a plus. BEWARE of the water pressure...120 psi! If I hadn't checked the pressure I would have blown out a few expensive pipes in the coach. We ran off our water tank and pump.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The park is very large with a wave pool on the site. It is in the bayou so expect it to be swampy and moist/humid; lots of big rabbits everywhere! The sites are well spaced but have NO formal patio area. My biggest complaint is just uneven ground. The pads are quite narrow. Wi-Fi is free but pretty slow...about 600K..much better than nothing. There are very few trees for pad shade. It is only about 20 min from New Orleans. Overall it's a nice clean park,but needs better pads/patios.
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