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rating [ 4/10 ]
This stay was slightly better than the last time as far as the campground goes. The weather on the other hand was a disaster. But that isn't the campground's fault at all, we all know this. So the four rating is a bit generous for me, but in keeping this review as factual as possible and emotionless I'd rather be more generous to make sure I'm being fair. I mention the rainy and windy weather only because it does have an effect on what happens to the sites when this occurs. The high tide combined with wind and rain floods the sites. Not just 1 or 2 sites, but about 20-25% of the sites I saw, including mine, had over a foot of water. If they don't want to build a bulkhead to prevent this from happening, then I believe they should at the least notify you when checking in of the potential for this and offer to cancel the reservation or move to the back of the campground. Unfortunately I didn't realize this until after the tide came in and half my stuff floated away in to the Chesapeake Bay. Nature is nature and this happens, but give someone a heads up that the site is prone to flooding, OK? They have to know this was going to happen. On to the next problem, the sewer connections are elevated higher than the site by a good 12". Doesn't make any sense because as much as I wish it did, my holding tanks won't drain uphill. The bathrooms weren't very clean. There is no wireless internet available at the sites. The site we were in was small. The placement of the water and electrical boxes was horrible. I was on the edge of my site as close to the utilities as I could get and my 30' electrical cord would not reach, nor would my 25' water hose. At least the camp store was stocked up nicely and I could go and purchase another hose and extension cord from them. We won't be back.
rating [ 6/10 ]
I can only rate this campground a 6 for several reasons. We will not go back. The sites are extremely small, they pack everyone in like sardines. If it rains (and it did), your site will hold water and be muddy for a quite a while. I don't feel it is a good value: the prices are too high and the fees too much for the lack of space at the sites. It burns me to have to pay extra each day for small children. I do realize that location is everything and it was nice to be just a sand dune away from the beach, which is why we camped there. Don't forget to bring your fire pit, they don't have them; well they do for extra. Everything here is extra. Say it slow: everything. The pool was nice, and the camp store was nice and stocked. The walk to the beach was short. The bathrooms were cleaned daily, but only once. When you are at max-capacity bathrooms and showers need cleaned more than once a day. So, it wasn't my favorite campground, and I'd have rated it worse except there's no denying the location is awesome. The staff was very friendly also.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Another great Virginia State Park. There's so much to do in the summer and so many great family activities. Check out the owl calling on Saturday night and the group campfire on Friday night. The lake is great to swim in and the beach is kept up. We stayed over Labor Day weekend and the campground was packed and at maximum capacity. It isn't a huge campground and was very nice. The staff was helpful and the bathrooms/showers were kept very clean. I saw a crew come in and clean them at least 3 times each day.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We did some cold weather camping there Dec 5-7 in the pup. First time there and first time with the pup. We had a great time, the campground is clean, the bathrooms are clean and nice. Hot water was available in the showers, but the bath houses are not heated, so you freeze your butt off when you turn off the water. There are some water hook ups still open but I didn't use it since it was below freezing and it snowed on us Sat night. There are a ton of ducks and they suck. They are aggressive so I had to get aggressive back to get them to leave us. They conveniently have milk crates of firewood for only $5 so that was nice. The fees they tack on are endless, and will make me have second thoughts about going back. If you have more than 2 people per site, it's $5/day for each person. More than one vehicle is extra too. So we had 4 Jeeps and 4 people, our $60 weekend quickly turned in to $90; I guess that's how they get you. You can only have 1 vehicle at the site at a time. We found this very annoying. The sites are level at least. I did like the campground but those fees and annoyances might cause me to skip it next time. The attendants were very nice, but there were like 2 sites being rented. Would it really have been a big deal to let us park our Jeeps at the site during this extremely slow period? Use some common sense.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We've camped at MM quite a few times now. We've stayed in the cabins on site, and also camped in tents by the stream. We love their cabins, they are reasonable and clean. We recommend spending a few extra dollars on the large cabins as they have showers and small kitchenette. Camping in tents along the stream is very nice and relaxing. It is not a deep stream at all, kids will be ok there. The RV sites seemed to be paved and clean. There are usually activities on the weekends for the children. We've always enjoyed ourselves there. I do have to comment on the staff, they are great. Very friendly! And they usually will remember you. There is one negative comment I have for them though. They have recently cut a small Jeep trail and a mudhole on the grounds. Which in itself looks to be very fun, and they have a wheeling event every so often. But one of the employees lives on site and has an old red CJ, he likes to get drunk after dark and take that loud Jeep on the trails at night. I mean late at night, like 2:00 a.m. That has to stop.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Arrowhead is an outstanding campgrounds. Located in Uwharrie National Forest and run by the NFS. It is very clean. The sites are separated by trees and by a good distance. I can't recall seeing a site that was not shaded. The bathrooms were pretty clean as well as the showers. There was also a dump station if I recall correctly. My son and I had a great time there, it was nice and quiet. Nearby is a lake to fish in and you can buy a 10 day license; children are not required to have a license. They gave my son a cane pole and bait to use. After we were finished I took it back thinking it was a loan, but they said keep it, it is yours to have. Great forest and campgrounds.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We were told how great the weekends are during Halloween there. The only reason I didn't give this campground a 1 rating is because the other campers there set up some great sites. Some people really spent a lot of time/ money on this. The bathrooms and showers were only cleaned once a day. Needless to say they were gross, out of tp and towels within a couple hours of being cleaned. They were too unsanitary to use. Then on top of that, they charge a $5/day fee for each child! What?! The staff was unfriendly IMO, especially during the check in process. And no bicycles are allowed after dark. Did I mention how disturbingly gross the bathrooms and showers were? The view was great, but the grounds were dirty. The value is poor, especially if you have more than two people camping. If it wasn't for our son who had such a great time playing with the other children and looking at the neat decorations the other campers had on display, I'd say we'd never go back.
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