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rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed here in a 34' Class A motorhome. Overnight. It's a fulltime park, but they also have a few temporary spaces. Gravel drive (nice) and spaces with small concrete pad. Mostly level. We enjoyed our stay overnight mostly because the owners are very friendly and couldn't seem to do enough to make our stay comfortable. It's a very small town just outside of Klamath Falls, OR.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is our second stay at this park. We love it here. It's clean, neat and not run down and is located in a nice marina area. Sites are very level on concrete with asphalt roads. Each site is also issued a parking space for a towed car. The staff couldn't be more helpful and friendly. We anticipated staying here for a couple of nights, then moving to another rv park in Reno. We changed our minds and stayed here the entire time. Sparks is very nice and there is a large casino within a couple minutes drive called Western Village that we enjoyed even more than the casinos in Reno. I am pretty sure that Western Village has shuttle service that will come to this RV park. There are plenty of eating establishments, fuel stations, stores and more all withing 5 minutes of this RV park. Opening in 2010 is Legends, a HUGE casino/resort and it's also within 5 mins. drive from this park. Wi-Fi service (free) was good. We were close to the clubhouse and dog run area. We had a very enjoyable time on this trip, much in part due to our very nice accommodations at Sparks Marina RV Park. We'll definitely stay here our next trip this way.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Pretty nice place for fishing and water activities. Not fancy but the sites are large and they DO have sewer at the site. Some sites have nice shade trees. Nice view of the river and bridge. A bit of traffic noise from the big rigs crossing the bridge, but not unbearable. I'd stay here again. They have restrooms & showers, but we didn't use them.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Just about 10-15 minutes outside of Butte, MT - and well worth the drive. $25 and change per night with our Good Sam discount. This is a large park with a small comfortable feel. Surrounded by gorgeous mountain views. The park is right around the corner from the Hot Springs. The brochure also says that the park has Teepees for rent. They have a few cabins for rent as well and if we didn't have an RV - I'd be willing to give them a try. We are in space #57, pull through. We had RVs on either side of us and didn't feel cramped at all. It's quiet here - no road noise whatsoever. We are almost to the edge of the park and still have good WiFi service. (included). This park is ATV friendly and there are many trails, etc to ride on. The ladies restroom/shower room was the best I've encountered on this 2 month trip. Ample room in each shower and clean as a whistle. There's even a ledge in the shower to prop your leg on when you're shaving! None of my clothes or towel got wet like most other RV park showers. I am pretty surprised at how full this park is considering it's Wednesday AFTER a holiday and there were only a few people here when we got here yesterday. It filled up to about 70%(?) overnight. So, reservations may be suggested. (866) 797-3505. The only reason I didn't give them a 10 is because hubby enjoys a campfire and there aren't any fire rings at the sites. I would DEFINITELY stay here again - and if we weren't on such a strict timeline, I'd extend my stay now.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Pretty basic place that could use some attention - but for 15 bucks, it was well worth the price. We had electricity & water hookups, and showers are available. ($5 key deposit for showers - they give you your $5 back when you return the key). It was close to the freeway so noisy during the day - not bad enough to keep us awake at night. There are trees, but we were able to get satellite signal. We stayed just as an overnighter so it was fine. I'd stay there again for an overnighter.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I gave this place an 8, not as much for the amenities - but because we didn't have ANY problems whatsoever. The sites were pretty level so we didn't spend much time getting situated. We were in Site #4. We had GREAT WiFi reception - faster than our cable modem at home even. We were able to get satellite without problems. I think that $33/night is a little high (that is with our AAA discount but it was Memorial weekend). However, it was the only RV park that was actually IN the town of Deadwood. All of the other parks we saw, even though they say that they're in Deadwood, are well outside of the length I am willing to travel to get to where I want to be - IN Deadwood. We have a motorhome and a motorcycle as our means of transportation. When the weather is bad, the last thing I want to do is ride on the bike or drag everything in to take the motorhome. Deadwood has a trolley car system (read: bus) that has a stop right at the park's clubhouse. It's $1 to ride into town if you don't want to walk and it comes once an hour in the morning and twice an hour in the afternoons and evenings up until midnight. The park is between 2 hillsides, a gulch. The sites ARE pretty tight as some other reviewers mentioned, however, we were here for 4 nights and the office seems to try to put rigs in every other site if possible. The small grassy area we had was at a decline so the picnic table that they provide was off kilter unless we put it on the gravel on the site next to us. There are fire rings - but we wouldn't have used it if there was someone in the next site because of the tight confines. One other thing that I found refreshing about this place is that there were no "RV Park Cops" - meaning, that there wasn't anyone walking around looking for something to gripe about. We have a small dog that is very well behaved and stays within the confines of our own site - but I hate putting her on a leash and there wasn't anyone yelling at me to tie her up. This park is also ATV friendly and there were several ADULT ATVers. Many RV parks won't even let you ride your ATV to the laundry room or just use the road to get outside of the park to play on your ATV. The park isn't all that scenic, but it's better than the "gravel park" types like some KOAs. The laundry room was clean and there were enough machines to go around. Again, the best thing I found about this park was the location, and no "RV Park cops" during our 4 night stay. Yes, I would definitely stay here again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This was a pretty nice place. It was convenient to the freeway, but not overly noisy. Their web site doesn't list their current rate - but we paid $35, and that included our Good Sam discount. I thought that was a little high, considering the discount - but it did include WiFi and we had a straight shot to good satellite reception, so no complaint. (Space #330) We were just there for an overnighter and we didn't use any of their facilities such as restrooms, shower, laundry, etc. - we use our own shower. Clean up your own pet droppings or their brochure says they'll charge you 5 bucks. Hubby says that lady that checked us in was friendly and very nice.
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