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rating [ 8/10 ]
Campground is just yards from the beach, yet in a part of Myrtle Beach away from all of the "touristy attractions." Great place for beach access if you don't want to compete with a thousand others for mini-golf and all-you-can-eat buffet space!
rating [ 8/10 ]
This campground has 2 parts - a location directly on the beach, as well as another location about a mile down the road. The beach location can be very windy - tenters beware! The location inland is very shaded, very private sites, and has a brand new bath house. It's a short bike ride through the marshes to the beach. We witnessed turtles hatching during a ranger-led program one night.
rating [ 8/10 ]
It's hard to beat any of the state park campgrounds in Ohio! This one is mainly shaded, fairly private sites, with mountain trails for hiking. The kids loved the playground, and the pool looked large (unfortunately closed during our stay). We also stayed at the park's lodge a few months later for skiing - it was great, too!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Awesome park! Very large sites with enough natural flora to be private. Planned children's activities, ice cream socials, morning breakfast, crafts, miles of bike trails, fishing, and the beach - almost all for no additional fee! Bring a bike though - the walk to the restrooms can be pretty far.
rating [ 3/10 ]
If you're looking for a campground with enough amenities to keep the children occupied, then this may be the place for you. If, however, you prefer a campground with clean restrooms and enough electricity to power a small pop-up trailer, then beware! The sites are mostly shady, there's a water slide and pool, as well as a trout pond and gameroom. The camp store was well-stocked, and the ice cream there was pretty good, too. Unfortunately, during our mandatory 4-night minimum stay, the bath houses were never cleaned (as evidenced by the excrement that remained on the toilet seats the entire time, the burned out light bulb in the bath house that was never replaced, the leaky shower that ran non-stop during our entire stay, and the wet, muddy floors surrounding the toilets). This is definitely a place where you want to keep water shoes on your feet while you shower! Also, we experienced a complete power outage one afternoon that lasted almost 2 hours, and we had surges of electricity the rest of the time. We did not have enough power to run the A/C in our pop-up, and our neighbors at the next site had the same problem. Unfortunately, while the neighbors were successful in receiving a partial refund, we were denied any, even though we wound up leaving early. (Please understand that I'm not one who usually demands air conditioning while camping, but we had a newborn with us and the temperatures were dangerously high for him.) With all this said, if you asked our other kids (ages 7,9,and 11), then they would have told you this place was great! Be forewarned though, the pool water was very cloudy, two of my three children were injured on the water slide, and the $6.50 "daily campground fishing license fee" does not guarantee that you'll catch any fish. By the time we paid $9.00/day/family for the water slide and $6.50/day/child for fishing, this was an expensive venture! Overall, for the price we were charged, I expected a whole lot more. I was really disappointed that the manager was not more understanding and refused to discuss the problems with us. It's unlikely that we would return.
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