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rating [ 7/10 ]
Large family type of campground, situated next to Enchanted Forest Water Safari. The sites were nicely shaded, many were waterfront, and many had water, sewer and electrical. The main lodge was very well stocked, and there seemed to be lots of staff. When I first checked in, there were 4 employees working at checking people in. It was a Thursday evening, so it probably wasn't as busy as a Friday evening. All the same, I was checked in efficiently and given my instructions to get to my site. During this check-in time, I inquired as to whether I could be put on a site as close as possible to a friend staying at one of the cottages. I found out soon enough that I was pretty much on the other side of the campground. Oh well, that's life I thought - a busy campground fills up quickly (note - I had made my reservation for a non-holiday weekend approx. 3 months earlier). We head over to our site - it was totally unacceptable. It was situated so that once we'd park our trailer on the site, we would be staring directly at the neighbor's front awning/living space. There was no fire pit, there were exposed electrical pipe conduit and re-bars sticking up out of the ground, hastily covered up with the picnic table. It was probably the worse site I've ever seen. So I get on the phone to call their reservation number to see if I can get another site quickly assigned to me over the phone. I was on hold for approx. 10 minutes. I stayed on the phone and made the walk back to the main lodge - when I walked into the lodge, all the check-in staff were gathered around having a nice little chat amongst themselves. And obviously ignoring customers on hold. I informed them of the site conditions, and I was promptly given the choice of 2 other sites - one of which was in walking distance to my friend's cottage. In the end, the situation resolved itself in an agreeable manner. But I had to wonder why they put me on a site that looked like it was previously one larger site that was chopped into 2 for extra revenue, and why did they not offer me the site closer to my friend when I initially asked? It obviously was available... All I can surmise is that the level of care and attention to detail isn't top-notch at Old Forge. We did get a bear visiting our site the last night - please keep all food in your trailer or vehicle.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We camped here the last weekend in May, so the campground was less than half full. I found this overall to be a good campground for families. The pools were amazing, nicely landscaped. The entire pool area was surrounded by a glass-like fence which really helped keep the wind chill to a minimum. One of the pools has a kid-friendly hot tub which seemed to be quite popular with the younger folks. The trailer sites aren't very private but that seems to be the norm for a private campground. We booked an upgraded back-in 30 amp full hookup site that backed onto a field designated for dog walking. Nighttime we enjoyed listening to the frogs in the pond a bit further away. That part was good. The upgraded "patio", or decorative stone sitting area was a bit of a let-down to be honest. It consisted of reddish coloured gravel for the ground cover and a very small wrought iron table with 4 chairs and an umbrella. The wind level prevented us from using the umbrella, and the size of the table was too small for a family of 4 to sit down comfortably for a meal. I'd really have preferred a picnic table. The bathrooms were clean and they seemed to have recently installed new counter tops, sinks and hardware. The rest of the bathroom area looked a bit aged, albeit with a recent coat of paint. There seemed to be a bit of rejuvenation going on in the campground - they were in the process of redoing the front areas of the Kabins as well as setting the ground for new Lodges. The staff were always friendly. My kids really enjoyed the movie night with the free popcorn in the main office in the evenings. There didn't seem to be any other activities the weekend we were there with the exception of the movies and swimming, but that was most likely because it was early in the season. The tent sites in the back of the property were amazing - no services but the privacy and view seemed to be second-to-none (sites T24-26).
rating [ 6/10 ]
This is a large campground with many activities, especially for the kids. Some of the sites are waterfront (Lake Ontario), which are first come, first served. The remainder of the sites are of a good size, though don't come expecting any privacy. Many seasonals as well, but in much better condition than I've seen at other parks. During the 10 days I camped at Quinte's Isle, the wireless internet was down for half that time. The internet is a pay per use service run by another company - with the payment plans being 1 day, 1 month or 1 season. Complaints/suggestions regarding the internet service issues fell on deaf ears - wasn't their problem it seems, even when the service provider wasn't answering or returning calls. In addition, the beach that belongs to this campground is very rocky/full of shells - not the nice soft, sand that's to be found at Sandbanks Provincial Park, located a few kms away. All in all I find this to be a decent, if expensive, campground for those with kids (pool, store stocked with goodies, lots of activities, teen hall, etc...).
rating [ 2/10 ]
Large campground right off Hwy. 401, close to Kingston. We camped here for first time on Canada Day weekend, and I can safely say we won't camp here a 2nd time. When booking, I asked if we could check in late. I was assured there wouldn't be a problem - I was told there was an intercom system at the entrance with a direct line to the owners who could open the gate for us. We arrived late - so we attempted to contact someone via the intercom - to no avail. No one answered despite numerous attempts. We were contemplating parking the trailer in the entryway when one of the employees (teenager) came ambling by. We were able to get in with his assistance. The roads and campsites aren't well marked out at all. The pool isn't heated - freezing!! There are a high percentage of seasonals, some looking quite derelict. During our stay there was a large family gathering of campers near our site who proceeded to boldly block the road to our general campsite area with their picnic tables and general party gear. We advised the staff of this - teenagers again - and no action was taken. All in all there was the impression of subtle neglect.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Overall this campground is very nice - lots of trees, very well laid out, family-oriented. Whiteface Mountain is within view. There's a small playground for the kids, and various types of bicycles were available for rent. There were a few things that were a bit less than desirable - such as the dust. Due to all the pine trees there really isn't any grass, so the fine dust was everywhere. Not the campground owners' fault of course, just one of those things. As well, we were placed in a less-than-ideal site directly under one of the cottages higher up on the hill. It was a very intrusive lack of privacy having people looking down on your site at all times. If I were to give one small bit of advice - don't select the Back-in 30 amp Wi-Fi sites (with no cable) offered to RVs no longer than 30'. It'll be as described above, with a tight fit as well (we were in a 25' trailer). The pull-thru sites looked great, lots of space. And the Wi-Fi was terrific too - fast and consistent.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very friendly campground with a nice beach on the Ottawa River. Owners are super people - always very accommodating. Some seasonal sites - but very tidy and well-kept as another reviewer noted. Bathrooms are large and very private as each stall has its own toilet, sink and shower. The hot water is unlimited as the owners have an instant hot water heater incorporated into the design of the campground. Grassy sites with sandy areas. Wi-Fi internet throughout the campground. Several trailers for rent as well as nicely equipped cottages with satellite TV. We'll definitely be returning.
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