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rating [ 10/10 ]
Our camping experience at this campground was great. There were many family friendly activities including great fishing and hiking. I would highly recommend this campground.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Upon pulling into the campground the owner immediately came up to our camper and stated that our son couldn't ride the rechargeable scooter that was strapped to the back of our camper. He never met us before so there is no way that he would have known our sons age. He's 17 and 1/2. Seems like age discrimination-making a judgment based on appearance. We were then told that there was no fishing because Otters ate all the fish. Per their website there was supposed to be great fishing on both lakes there. The main reason we went to this campground was to fish. We wanted to have 4 visitors for 2 hours and asked if there was a way to not have them have to pay the $32 charge for 4 visitors. We said our visitors would check in and out. They were unwilling to negotiate on the charge. The owner was very rude and lacked tact or any customer service skills and was very loud. Due to the lack of good fishing and the other factors, we decided to leave and not camp there. Later i emailed them and requested a refund. Our reasoning was false advertising about the fishing. They would not refund our fees. Due the rudeness of the owner, a complete unwillingness to negotiate on visitor fees, false advertising about fishing and the high charges for everything (firewood cost $6 per bundle for instance, they charge for wagon rides, charge $15 for a daily wristband for kids activities, charge for wifi, amongst other factors), I would not camp at this campground ever.
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