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rating [ 10/10 ]
We went here last year and just had to come back. The sites are very large, This year some friends came with us and they also had a treffic time. The camp ground is close to Bush gardens and Williamsburg Winery ( it's about a 45-50 min. drive ) We did do both attractions . You can also go crabbing off the pier which we did and we caught plenty of crabs and cooked them over the fire. We got the water to a boil threw in a bottle of beer and some Old Bay, ummm yummy. The camp ground now has a very nice mini golf ( $5.00) which is connected to a awsome ice cream polar. The lake is great. Our kids had a great time jumping off the trampoline in the middle of the lake. The pools are also very clean. We will be going back here again next year for the third straight time.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This camp ground was just OK. There are no activities for kids at all. The pool area is a Joke. Also, they have a 35 lbs. pet limit. ( or so they say ) We have a Yellow Lab and when I called to see if I could bring her they asked me if she was over 35 lbs and then they said no, she or us will NOT be allowed in the campground. They said they are very strict on this. So I put her in a kennel which was $200.00 when I get there the first thing I see is a St. Barnard way over 35lbs. Then I see a golden Ret. again over 35 lbs. I say something to the office people and they are like we will take care of it, Needless to say the dogs were still there all week. So the people who work there in my eyes are all frauds and lies. Will never go back there again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a very clean CG . The pool is beautiful , they even have a kiddie pool where they can swim up to sit in a chair and order stuff. The staff is pretty friendly, but just a little strict. But as long as you don't bring attention to your self you will be fine. The bathrooms are clean . They have a very nice mini golf course. The lake is not bad for fishing. You have to play the "checkers" game there. It is a fun game to play. We will return to this CG.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This CG is ok, they had just added a brand new kiddie pool . It is pretty neat. Although they have a pool attendant and the regular pool rules are VERY STRICT. You basically can just get wet in the pool. The bathrooms are really not that clean, and for a C.G that does not have full hook up you would think the bathrooms would be in better shape. Not really sure if we will be returning to this CG.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is one of our favorite CG this year. It was our first time here. We are from PA. The activities for the kids are OK, the staff was very friendly. They have a lake with a huge trampoline in it and the kids just loved it. So did dad, lol. The park was very clean, as were the bathrooms. The sites are big . When they have a oyster festival, they double up on the sites. So be careful when you book your trip. We will definitely be back next year.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The C.G was really not that bad. The one bath house was a lot newer than the one by the store. The newer one was very clean where as the one by the store was a little more "used " This C.G had beach tags because in NJ some of the beaches you have to pay for. So you would give them $4.00 for a tag and when you returned the tag you got back $3.00. The activities for the kids were not that bad. The sites are a bit small. I have been to some CG that had smaller sites, so it was really not a big deal to us. We would go back to this C.G.
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