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rating [ 3/10 ]
Sorely disappointed in so many ways with this park that our group of four rv's stayed one night and left the next day. Muddy, cramped, tight, overgrown sites. Mosquito's such that we couldn't sit outside. No cell, sat or cable or OTA tv service. I scratched my brand new rv getting in and/or out... (couldn't tell until after I got it washed it was so muddy!) but I was lucky - saw damaged trees right on the inside of the narrow turns that must have taken out some rv's ! We won't go back - but I will temper this review saying we haven't done the tent thing in 30 years - not into that any longer.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Stunning park even if it is the middle of the 'city' and run by the city. You will not be disappointed, but you shouldn't be for the rates they can charge. 99% of the other rv's were high end rv's adding to the ambience. Tons to do within 10 minutes of the area (by car only). Waterfront sites available, some even out on points surrounded on three sides by the lake. Boat ramp in the park and large marina within site as well.
rating [ 1/10 ]
In our humble opinion we thought it was a HORRIBLE! You are literally IN the swamps - not BY them - IN them with mosquitoes - dirt roads - dust probably snakes and alligators - we didn't go out to see. Out rv'ing friends (6 couples in all) were staying at another park nearby and 11 of us went to see if this is somewhere we can visit in the future... EVERYONE said NO WAY !!!!! Way out of the way - filthy - did I say hot, mosquitoes, horrible ?!?!? I would say half the sites were out of commission due to having electrical work done on them, so they were off limits, but most seemed to have concrete pads only - everything else was dirt and presume mud when it rains or floods.
rating [ 3/10 ]
TINY campground and treacherous entry road, would think only one lane and many switch backs - decided not to stay once we saw it.
rating [ 1/10 ]
DO NOT STAY HERE. It is a sardine trailer park! Two foot wide lawn at each site. Getting into and out of site is tight! NOISY because it is between two MAJOR 6-lane highways: George Bush Tollway and Interstate 35.
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