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rating [ 6/10 ]
I used to love this park. Now the owner is way behind in his taxes and was on the news recently for being one of the top 10 people who owe the most money to California for unpaid taxes. The park is now suffering. Large sites but getting in and out is difficult due to untrimmed trees. On my last visit, the staff wasn't rude but did not really seem to care too much. I hope it gets better.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This was the 2nd time we stayed here at Sandhills Resort in Saint Anthony so I thought I'ld give another review. They now have Wi-Fi but it is slow and you have to be near the office to get a signal. I had to have the staff reset it several times as it would lock up. The staff is nutty about watering the grass area. They water so much that the dirt roads become mud holes. They planted new sod in our area but didn't prep the ground first and it all died. Still they watered the dead grass all day and all night long. The day we checked in, the guy at the desk was drunk. Also he tried to nickel and dime us to death. Now the good: the park is still in good shape. The bathrooms and showers were clean and stocked. The staff did keep the rules enforced. That meant I could go to sleep at 10:00 PM and not have to hear constant ATV and sandrail engines all night. We only had one electric outage this trip and they continue to update the electrical system. Water pressure remained low in the middle of the day due to the excessive watering. Pressure was sufficient at night and early mornings. We really enjoyed our 10 day stay there but they still have work to do. Still, I will likely return to this same location in a couple of years.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was a very nice park. Ultra clean and the staff was extremely nice. We stayed here using Passport America and saved half so it would have been about $55.00 per night including taxes. If you want to purchase a site, the cheapest they had was in excess of $80,000. Ouch! The pool and club house were excellent. We stayed here in late June so it was extremely hot, 113 degrees. No electricity problems during our 5 night stay. Most of the snowbirds were gone so we had the park almost exclusively to ourselves. The staff even offered to give a free night. Very nice people. I can't say enough good things about the resort.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We love this park. It's right next to the sand dunes and is marketed to the sand dunes community. It is pricey and they had some problems with the electric while I was there. The sites range from narrow to huge. There are many pull thru sites so you never have to unhook your trailer, toy hauler or fifth wheel. Most sites are 65' long plus. Staff is friendly but strict on the rules. If diesel wasn't so expensive we'd go every year. As is, we go every other year. Bring your off-road vehicle because you can drive them to the dunes from your site. No pool or real club house but they do have a nice store.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice park but due to recent fires, many of the trees are gone. It was a bit hot with little shade in June. They were planting new trees while we were there. The park is currently being renovated from the fire. We had no real problems and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I was in a 39' diesel pusher MH and we saw a 45' MH as well. However, be prepared to make 10-point turns to get in and out of the park if you have anything over 34'. It simply was not designed for today's larger motorhomes. Camping sites were hard packed dirt but fairly level. The pool, hot tub and kiddie pool were all very good. The store was well stocked. A little pricey for what you get but still it is a nice park.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We were members of this RV park, a gift from the parents. We ended up giving the membership back to the company. We visited the park but couldn't stay there. It was disgusting, dirty, crowded, and unkempt. It wasn't in as bad of shape as it's sister park called Oak Glen but it was close. The pictures on the web site make it look nice. They most have spent all their money on the photographer. I would not eat a fish that swam in the swamp there. I will not go back. On the up side, the staff was nice.
rating [ 3/10 ]
My In-Laws gave us their membership to Oak Glen Campground as they had gotten to old to use it. They told us how beautiful it was and we had used it many years ago with them. It had been a great park. Unfortunately, the park has not been taken care of. It has become something of a dump. Since it was free we tried it again but it was in such bad shape we ended up leaving early. The store was a joke, nothing was in stock but bare shelves. Only 30 amp service and it didn't always work. The roads inside the park were almost impassable. Huge potholes and branches hanging down from the trees. We needed a 4-wheel drive instead of a motorhome. The staff were likely under paid and disinterested. They didn't seam to care about their guests or the shape of the park. A lot of people now live in the park full time. Mostly thug looking folks so I was afraid to leave anything outside. The park is in a beautiful location and close by to apple orchards and a wonderful little town. It's high up in the mountains but the drive wasn't too bad. We got snow one night and had a blast the next day playing in it. However, because of the poor quality of the park, we ended up surrendering our membership to avoid the next year's dues. We haven't had the heart to tell our parents.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Incredible location! The park was very nice. Pools and jacuzzi were excellent - in fact, this was the only campground where I've ever used the pool as we have one at home. Site were fairly level but tight to get in/out of. Price was not bad as we used Passport America for half off and we went during the off season. The prices can be astronomical during the summer months. On weekdays in the off season, they also have free rentals on kayaks, bicycles, etc. Not everyday but most of them. Lots of fun and plenty of places to visit in San Diego. I do wish the sites were a little larger for the Diesel Pushers and the summer prices were cheaper. The staff was the best I've ever seen. Very helpful and friendly. Wi-Fi was stable and ran at a good speed.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Vail Lake is a wonderful park close to the Temecula Wine Country. Two things you should know before visiting; they are not associated or on Vail Lake and it's a few miles away; and it is quite expensive. We paid $75.00 per night. If you have pets or more peeps in your RV, expect to pay even more. We stayed during their high season, which is in October / November. They have a fantastic Halloween theme including a scary hay ride, costumed characters and live bands. Sites are pretty level. We experienced no A/C problems. The staff was nice and friendly. The store / restaurants and bar were fully stocked. Horse back riding / rentals is a short distance away. The park does allow golf carts / Rhinos, etc but only if you prove you have insurance on the vehicle. Overall, a wonderful park but you will have to pay top dollar for it.
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