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rating [ 1/10 ]
It basically was just like a parking lot. There weren't really any trees. The grass looked like crab grass. The restroom was a far walk away. If you walked around the trailers to the restroom it would take a really long time. If you cut through the sites, like most people do, then you run the risk of tripping over the low lying chains across a lot of the sites. The chains are very dangerous because you can't see them when the sun is out and you can't see them in the dark. I mentioned that the chains were dangerous and the manager said that they weren't going to remove them. The restroom smelled. The staff weren't that friendly. I think there are other places to stay that would have friendlier staff and shade, etc. Also only one area to walk to take showers at the time.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We loved it here. We actually ended up staying an extra night. Very nice, clean. Staff very friendly. It was a little pricey, though. I would definitely stay there again!!
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