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rating [ 6/10 ]
The landscaping and maintenance of the park is excellent. However, the park was originally designed for smaller RV's. The roads are narrow, and the sites are very small and narrow. It's one of the worst parks to maneuver an RV that I've ever experienced. Some sites are impossible to back in a motorhome. Noise from the nearby Interstate and adjacent water park are very loud. However worst of all, the office staff are almost worthless. They're unable to provide information on local facilities, such as attractions, or even supermarkets. They couldn't even provide proper directions within the park. There are no signs marking the office, making it difficult to locate the office within the park. Finally, the surrounding area is commercial, somewhat industrial, busy and not very attractive.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is the most wonderful RV Park on the east coast. The layout of the resort, the landscaping and the general maintenance are superb. The people here, many of whom are owners, are friendly and accommodating. The surrounding area is unique, with fresh produce, good restaurants and all the activities of Fort Meyers. This is an upscale resort with its own restaurant and marina on the river. The activities are unending from special dinners, outdoor model trains, sports, radio control boats and planes, and many other unique programs. There is a full-time social director. Next year we'll spend the entire winter.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This was one of the worst campground experiences that we're ever had. The park is old and very basic, but this is not the problem. The management and employees are the problem. They all seem to be completely disinterested, and even resentful at having to work. When asked if I could clean the front of my motorhome of insects and dirt, the clerk said "no" in such a cold way, that I wondered if I could use water to shower in my coach. Then, because we arrived an hour early, the clerk said that we'd be required to pay a two dollar penalty, or wait in the parking lot for an hour. To add insult to injury, the campground was virtually empty. The penalty made no sense. The real problem is management and unsupervised young employees who simply don't care. A friendly and accommodating attitude doesn't exist here. No wonder that the campground was empty. Next time the KOA down the road gets my business.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Being an older ORA Park, it was originally designed for smaller RV's. The roads are narrow with tight turns. This park is known for it's "nickel & diming" renters, with $4 per day electrical charge, and $1 a day recreation charge. Now, if you want the FMCA discount, you cannot pay with credit card. Cash or check only unless you're willing to pay full price. This is certainly unseemly for an RV Park that calls itself a luxury resort.
rating [ 5/10 ]
General conditions in the park are good. Maintenance is average. However, management and some office staff can be very rude. We've stayed there several times, and rudeness prevails.
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