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rating [ 5/10 ]
This is an older park with old trailers at the back and junk here and there. No new trees that we could see. This wife noticed the smell too but husband did not. We also were put up front and road noise ain't the work for it not to mention the fact that it was constant all night long. We got little sleep and my husband is a hard sleeper and even he had a tough time. Don't know that we would ever stay here again unless we were desperate.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We, like everyone else, think this is a great RV park. The parrots and animals were great and not too noisy. Very entertaining after a long day of travel. We liked how they led us to our spot and helped us hook up. We found out some of the long term campers are volunteers in exchange for rent. Everyone was very friendly. The Interstate noise was minimal. We were in the middle of a row of the parallel parkers and had no problem getting out the next morning before everyone else. We would have rated this a 10 if they took credit cards but they don't. They take out of state checks though! Go figure??
rating [ 8/10 ]
We liked this park. The owners were very friendly and nice. The sites are a little close together but each site has lots of great shade trees and nice grass. Half of the park consists of long term campers but all of them were very friendly and helpful. We will definitely stay here again and for more than 3 nights.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The people in this campground were very friendly. They have an ice cream social every night. The sites are a little close together and if you need a sewer hookup no matter which type of site you book you need to specify that you need sewer or they will put you in a spot that doesn't have sewer. We had to be moved after we realized we had no sewer. This is a clean maintained campground and even though it was next to the Interstate the road noise was minimal. We would stay here again for an over night stay if needed.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We were traveling along I-10 westbound and called 4 hours in advance and made reservations at this park. The gentleman asked me to pre pay with a credit card because the office might be closed by the time we got there and so we did. An hour before our arrival, we had a blowout on the freeway. After a few phone calls we discovered no one in the area had a tire the right size. We were able to get one a little over sized to get us off the road but we could not drive far on it. I called this RV park and explained my situation to the gentleman and said we could not make it in and asked for a refund. He said to come the next night. I said that we were on our way to Texas and could not. He said to stop on our way back. I said we could not because we are from Washington and going home from there. He got quite rude from this point and said he would not give us a refund even though we pre paid and that it wasn't his fault we got a flat tire. He then hung up on me. We will never attempt to stay here again!
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