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rating [ 8/10 ]
This was our second visit to this campground. You really cannot go wrong with any site. Both times we have stayed on the river campground. The river campground is shady and cooler. The beach side does not have any tree canopy. The drive to the campground is long and tricky. I recommend that you arrive before dark because there are a lot of trees to watch out for but the road is wide and paved. We had no problems. You will have to maneuver not to hit the trees. We do not like that this park is not pet friendly. You cannot take the dogs anywhere near the beach at any time and there are very limited areas to walk the dogs. My other complaint is the parking situation. We were there during 4th of July week and the parking situation was terrible. There were cars and boats parked everywhere including double parked in non-designated spots. Some sites had 4 vehicles plus boat, jet ski, and camper. We complained to the ranger and the response was that each site can have up to 8 people so that means potentially 8 vehicles plus boats! And we really saw this. Boats were sitting parked on the side of the road for days. Our impression was that the rangers do not enforce parking at all. Also, quiet hours are not enforced and really the rangers do not do a good job patrolling and enforcing the rules. Campers were up partying loudly until very late. On the other hand, the bathrooms are very clean and updated. The beach is beautiful! We would be back because of the natural beauty of the area and the town is wonderful.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This was our second stay at this campground. It is in a great location to visit Charleston. The roads in the campground are in good shape. The one thing I do not like about this campground is the poor drainage in the sites. We stayed at sites 47 and 49. I think that there much better sites but they book up. Mosquitoes are bad and I find them to be worse here than at beach campgrounds. One nice thing about this campground is the huge dog play area! So much fun for our dogs.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This park is very nice but the loop we stayed at was very difficult to maneuver. We stayed in site 115 which much to our surprise was layed out so that we could not back up into it. We had to drive the loop against traffic in order to be able to get into our site. We arrived after dark and found this to be extremely difficult. You see this loop is called the gauntlet. The road is tiny and there are trees right next to you and over you on both sides. Not to mention cars that are sticking out of their sites. Lots of trees had the scars from trailers hitting them. This part of our stay was very stressful. The bathroom and showers were very outdated and for this reason it looks dirty. Raccoons and deer coming up to our site in the middle of the day! The beach was great! The beach was not very full even though it was Memorial Day weekend. The wonderful thing too was that we could take our dogs on the beach. For this reason mainly, we would stay again but we would not come in after dark and would not stay in the site 115.
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