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rating [ 1/10 ]
The staff had to be the most rude people we have met. This is a trailer park for 55+. There are few RV spots and the rental people are so arrogant you would get sick. It is full of Canadians and Americans that think they are better than anyone. They are in trailers for God sake! I met the head person of security and if this person doesn't have a Napoleon complex no one does. We will never stay here again and I would not recommend anyone stay there. They try to sell trailers for way over value. This is no resort!
rating [ 2/10 ]
Well, our friends talked us into coming back to this park because they thought we got the wrong impression. We didn't. The management still didn't care about renters, and I watched one guy screaming at a dog owner. The review before mine I was told was written by a friend of his so you decide. Concrete pads were level, I tested the water quality, and it was still good but discolored. Many of the snowbirds had left, and it is still a quiet park. As the management covers up for bad owners I would not believe anything they said or promised. I have told everyone I know about this park in order to protect my RV friends. 2 out of 2 times it has been scary. I am all for fairness and wanted to give this park a second chance. If you like to be lied to and assaulted this is the park for you.
rating [ 2/10 ]
The two reviews before me are right on. Quiet park and it is an owners park. Facilities are average at best. Nice concrete pads though. There was one real jerk. I was walking my dog on the road and my dog walked on the front of his lot and the owner came running out telling me to get my dog off his grass. He was pointing his finger and screaming and looked like he was going to kick my dog so I pulled my dog up and carried him away. He kept yelling we don't want renters in this park I am an owner and I'll get you kicked out. What a jerk. I asked some of the others we met in the park and they said he was a jerk and the management was told about him but the board would not do anything about it. This is a co-op park and from what I can find out the board hates renters so they enjoy the guy yelling at people so he scares them from coming back. Some of the owners were very arrogant. How do you get to be arrogant in a park that has mostly old beat up RVs in it. Renters are not welcome in this park. It is one big owners club. We left because we were scared.
rating [ 8/10 ]
What a nice little campground. There was a pond with ducks. Staff was very nice and even met the owners and they were just as nice. Sites were a little tight. This campground gave you a nice cozy secure feeling. Easy to get to and fairly close to anything you need. Easy to get to the gulf for a nice little ride. Food in the area is awesome so ask the staff about locations. Park had street lights that helped greatly. Park was very clean and very little noise. Dogs always had a person on the other end of the leash. We would come back anytime.
rating [ 7/10 ]
OK park. Quiet with little road noise. Lots of full time residents. Sites were not really marked well. Staff was friendly. Level site and easy to get into. Very good park for an overnight stop. Almost missed the entrance so if you are going north to get to the park take your time and watch carefully. Facilities were O\K.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This is a nice stop over. The sites were fairly clean (cigarette butts) pretty level, water was good and power was good. I didn't see many children (we liked that). The man that checked me in was friendly. I thought the rules were pretty standard but NOT enforced at all. If you have rules and they are not enforced are they rules? The previous posting was obviously written by the owner or a friend of the owner, as I noticed they wrote another after getting a negative review. Most of the RVs are long term or permanent as admitted by an earlier post of being here over 6 months. We were here a week and were woken up every morning by loud pickup trucks starting. Dogs were tied up outside and barked every morning. We noticed the dog waste around the park. Trucks were parked in the grass between sites. Clutter was under almost every full time trailer. As for the darkness, the lights are only around the clubhouse but if you are out in the park it is pitch black and with all the permanent trailer people I didn't go out after dark. On the weekend many of the permanent people had loud obnoxious bikes so it became a biker park. I spoke to MANY other RV owners and everyone had the same comments about this park. Having people write good things does not make the bad go away. The owner should take the negatives, change them and it will be a positive. I hope the owner corrects these issues because this could be a very nice park.
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