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rating [ 9/10 ]
Great campground with a really nice staff. It is a bit of a drive to Williamsburg but nothing prohibitive. The lots are nice and big and the grounds are kept very clean. Nice bathrooms too. Definitely recommend this one.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This campsite in Winchester, Virginia, is quite possibly the worst managed business I have ever come across. Having recently stayed there once before with some issues, we decided to give it another try this week. This time, we encountered even worse issues. As many other reviewers have noted, the vast majority of the staff are exceptionally rude. They whiz around their golf carts starting very early in the morning seemingly looking for patrons to pick on. They will drive right across the lawn up to the edge of your patio mat and confront you, treating you as though you have just committed a crime against humanity. The first time we stayed, my wife was driving in and hesitated before turning right. A staff member (turns out the manager) stopped her and questioned why she was hesitating and said "Are you sure you belong here? You don't look like you know where to go." Not sure why I decided to try it again this week other than I love the Shenandoah Valley and it's rather close to home. Well, the 110 AC plugs and the cable were out, but rather than fix that they threatened to double-charge me because I had my extension cord plugged into the empty (and working) box next to mine (nobody was in the spot). When my 19-year-old son dropped by to come have dinner with me, he drove in (nobody was at the notorious check-point others have discussed) but within a few minutes an employee drove right up to the mat and said we were breaking park rules. In a subsequent discussion with the "manager" over my disappointment with the rude staff behavior, I encountered only hostility, patronizing comments, defensiveness, and down-right unfriendly behavior from the management. It was no wonder to me that nearly the entire staff acts that way. As others have mentioned, the bathrooms are filthy and are probably worse than any other campground we have been to. Please be forewarned--this campsite is not professionally run, and more than likely you will be received at best with cold indifference and at worst with objectionable and offensive mannerisms by the staff. While convenient to I-81, you actually have other nearby options. I strongly encourage you not to encounter what we did--I left mid-week because I would not tolerate being treated as though I am not a valued customer. This campsite wants your valuable money, but they will not treat you as a valuable visitor. Be forewarned!
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a good campground if you are in the Gettysburg area. They have either very sunny or very shaded spots, so pick which one you like best. We have stayed in both. Clean grounds, diligent staff, and fully stocked store make this a no-lose choice. We marked it slightly lower only due to its distance from town and the battlefield, but that is not necessarily bad. Some people may actually like being a bit off the beaten track. If so, this one will do.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We stay at this park often when we want a quick getaway weekend from the DC area. It is clean and quiet with some great lots backing up to a stream. Privacy hedges make it even more quaint. They have a new dog run which our dogs enjoyed. This campsite is fun even in Fall and Winter as the weather gets cooler and the park clears out. Worth the drive.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a wonderful campground. It is very close to Little Round Top and the rest of the battlefield. Great lots, especially the pull-throughs. The grounds are clean, and the staff is extremely pleasant. Do yourself a favor and stay here when you visit Gettysburg.
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