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rating [ 10/10 ]
Stayed here while visiting our daughter at ECU. Peaceful campground, great hosts, great views of the lake and the stars at night. Far enough away from the "city" but close enough to go to a game or just pop into town. No problem with Satellite as we had clear line of sight to the southwest sky. We will be back again and again!! Thanks Whispering Oaks for a relaxing weekend with our Daughter.
rating [ 1/10 ]
My wife and I drove about an hour to check this campground out for possible weekend getaway that was a short drive from home. However we were told that we could not drive through to check out their campground as they were full and they didn't have anyone to watch us. I told her that we didn't need watching just wanted to preview their campground. She was not very pleasant or courteous to myself or my wife. So needless to say we will NOT return and we will NOT recommend this campground as if they can't be courteous to a future customer what will they be like IF we or anyone camps there. NO Thank You. By the way I have done this before at other campgrounds without any issues or hassles.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This was the first and will be the last time we stay. As far as the activities at night (they had a DJ) that was nice. But with all 1000 Trail Campgrounds you pick your own site, after you drive around looking. That would be nice if you had a towed vehicle or golfcart (we don't). So my wife and daughter drove down a few hours before I left northern VA to get a site. My wife was given a hard time because our RV wasn't there at the time of her arrival. They finally did allow her to do this, after a indepth discussion and threats to go to the local KOA to camp. The site was very shaded and close to the office and pool. The hook ups were on the opposite end of our motorhome: front verses the back. If we were to turn the motorhome around, they would have been on the wrong side and our fire pit and picnic table would have been on the wrong side. The road getting to the site was pretty tight but not too bad (for me anyway). We did have a noisy neighbor (blasting their music from the open doors on their truck.) The staff drove past them several times but didn't say anything until someone said something to the office. The 1000 Trail campground system of finding your own site is ok, if you are retired and can show up to the campgrounds on either Wednesdays or Thursdays before the normal weekenders show up. So for us, the normal weekenders, it doesn't work. Would we stay there again? No.
rating [ 5/10 ]
The park it self was nice and yes there are "river front" sites, IF some one didn't get there first and put there name or a bag of some sort over the electric hook ups to say that they had "reserved" the site. Even though reserving sites at 100 trials "aren't allowed" per the camp rangers. After finding a empty site by the river we found someones name on the electric box, even with NO signs of any type that anyone was there the office said that someone was there. So we drove around for approx one hour looking for a site in a 37 foot motorhome. Once we found our site it was further back from the river than I wanted but was level and ok. The entertainment at night was nice, they had a DJ and dancing. They have river front no real beach area but an open grassy area that you can sit by the river and enjoy the scenery. Would we stay there again? Maybe, but not at the expense of a membership to 1000 Trails. I am not a fan of the "you can't reserve a site".
rating [ 7/10 ]
It was a tight right hand turn coming in from the east but was able to get in to the road without any issues. I will list the pros first; nice, clean and small. The kids enjoyed the lake swimming, the water trampoline, the 2 other water climbing activities and the platform to jump off. There was a nice water park next door (Fire Fox Resort) to go to as well for an additional cost ($12.73 per person). Now for the cons; Interstate 64 runs right by the campground, and yes, you will hear it all day and night. We were told that our site (114) was shaded; it wasn't. In the afternoon it was steamy. When we said something to them about it when we got here, they said they would give us a bundle of fire wood to make up for it (mind you that the cost of the firewood is $5). Yes, there is Wi-Fi, but the signal was very poor at our site, and we could not get connected. We were here over the 4th of July weekend. We did see some fireworks off in the distance which was fine, but when we wanted to light some sparklers, we were told that "fireworks were not allowed" which (they said) included sparklers. I totally understand not allowing firecrackers, bottle rockets, and such but sparklers(?). Sorry, I think that was a little ridiculous; even the state of VA allows sparklers. They told me it was the fire marshal that said that, however. When we got here we didn’t have a fire ring, but the owner told me just to find a spot in the grass to put my fire. Now, if the fire marshal said no to sparklers, you would think that the fire marshal would say no to putting a fire anywhere in the grass. OK, would we stay here again, probably not. Was it a total worthless trip? No, as we went to spend time with our kids and grandkids, that was the most important. The other stuff was just an obstacle that we overcame. We rented a cabin for the other part of our family.
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