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rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice place to go if you want to be near the beach. Friendly staff. Spaces a little close was our only complaint
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very nice and in a beautiful mountain setting. The owners were wonderful hosts. Peaceful nature sounds. We loved it and will return.
rating [ 1/10 ]
When we arrived at the KOA / South in Ringold GA. We had already made reservations online for 6 nights. After checking in at the office we went to our spot and noticed how loud the traffic noise was, so we asked the lady at the desk, if we could move to another spot where it is quieter and she said no because no other spots would not accommodate our camper. She said we will just have to learn to get used to the noises like she did and to live with it. We stayed one night and Tuesday morning after no sleep from the noise went back to the office where the owner said he would move us to another spot he said was quieter, he took us to it on his golf car, it was still loud, and it had no sewage hookup. Plus he said no campfires due to some people staying near those spots for some reason, I told him we couldn't stay there with no sewage hookup for 6 days, our tanks can't hold that much water. He got very irate with us, and said I was being unreasonable because I asked for a refund for the remaining days. He was very nasty to us for asking for a refund and said flat out NO. So he speed off on his golf car, we walked back to the office and I got the copy of my receipt back. He keeps $144.00 of ours because of his NO REFUND policy. He is all about money and extremely rude and nasty to customers. We left and went on. We later learned from other campers that we are not the only ones he treats like that to join a long line of others he's done that way. I understand that property is up for sale so he has no incentive to treat people fairly, he takes the money and with his attitude has his way. He is certainly in the wrong business, has no conception of being a good host or any fairness about him. He didn't offer any type of refund. 1 night for the price of 6! We didn't just not show up, we did and we tried, but it was like staying at a rest stop on the side of the interstate. What kind of vacation is that? He was so mad that I didn't let him pat me on the head and take a spot where we would have to un- hook our camper to dump our water a couple times just so he keep our money. His biggest profit comes from the NO REFUND sign taped to his counter and certainly not from repeat satisfied customers.
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