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rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice park, great bath and laundry facilities, easy layout for big rigs. Nice level sites, good WiFi at the site. Good location to shopping and the Duluth area.
rating [ 10/10 ]
HIGHLY recommend. Very spacious sites, well designed and maintained park, facilities are excellent, restrooms are among the cleanest we've ever seen. Owners are friendly and welcoming. Obviously a family friendly park, that is equally as comfortable and peaceful for those without children. Lots of open space. Quiet location surrounded by farm fields, with easy interstate access. Price reflects monthly rate.
rating [ 4/10 ]
If you like KOA’s, you may like this place. We are fulltime RV’ers, travel often and avoid KOA because we have always found them to be overpriced, mediocre or worse, with employees that resent the customers. This park fits the mold: overpriced, sites are too close, some are level and some not (we got one that wasn’t). Roads and sites are gravel, drive turns are tight for big rigs, electric works, water pressure is low or lower depending on how full the park, bathrooms are as clean as many parks, laundry works. No Wi-Fi beyond the office building. Just a high-priced overnight stop if you need to be in the area. Plenty of other equal or better options. Life is too short to put up with owners/employees who don’t like dealing with customers. “Welcome” came in the form of staff coming to the vehicle as we parked at the gate, to tell us to park and go inside to register because apparently we can’t read the three signs? I generally wait in the rig while my wife registers. Next part of the ‘welcome’ was a golf cart guide impatiently telling me to follow him before my wife returned or I knew anything about the park, our site or our registration. Although I remarked about waiting for my wife, the golf cart guide yelled insistently that I had to get parked “now.” He’s clearly already aggravated that I wasn’t following commands fast enough. Unlike most parks we visit, the golf cart guide was not guiding me to our site, but he knows more than me about maneuvering our rig and wanted to tell me how and when to turn the steering wheel as I moved through the park and into our site. Because, of course, I still did not know anything about the park lay out or what site we were headed for. He just liked to yell “turn your wheel now.” My wife and I are comfortable working together to quickly and easily park our rig, and admit that we trust our own parking experience far more than deciphering the yelling of a stranger with an attitude. When we were finally parked and thoroughly aggravated with the commanding and unhelpful guidance, the guide lastly had to point out to my wife that the electric was on the electric post, the septic was in the ground, and the water was at the water faucet. Apparently they believe too many customers with big rigs don’t know what those look like. Seems to us that a gracious: "Welcome, is there anything else you need from me?" would have been more than sufficient and a lot less insulting. Whenever we saw employees during our stay, we waved and smiled as we are accustomed to friendliness at the parks we visit. Without exception the staff simply stared at us blankly and were clearly annoyed by every guest. Rules and attitude suggest that pets and children are barely tolerated. Be sure to watch out for the fire pit (hole in the ground) at each site. Amazing if they have a liability insurance carrier that knows about those. Most folks moved table or chairs over the hole to avoid falling or driving in. Life is too short. If you want to avoid aggravation, we strongly urge you go to another park. We enjoy parks where helpful staff know that we have choices and appreciate that we are the source of their business revenue. Won't return.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Small, nicely maintained park surrounded by peaceful farmland. Owners are friendly and welcoming. No sewer hookup, but site had a grey water dump and clean restrooms/showers were very convenient. Wi-Fi worked well in our rig. Walking distance to quaint Winesburg, beautiful countryside. We stayed two weeks longer than planned and will definitely return.
rating [ 4/10 ]
The rate reflects Passport America and Good Sam discounts. The water, 30AMP, sewer & cable work as advertised, the wifi is very slow or intermittent. The restrooms/showers are older and "usually" clean. The sites are not level and need gravel or other hard surface; grass is too soft and muddy. There are tight turns, site space, trees, and hills are difficult for big rigs. We will not return.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Lovely setting on the Erie Canal, owners are friendly and helpful, park facilities were constantly maintained, sites are spacious and services all worked well. Restrooms are clean and well maintained. We will definitely return to this park.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Sites are reasonable size and services generally functioned as advertised. Office is old, cramped, unclean, and filled with cigarette smoke. The park is noisier than we like. Pool filled on the weekends with children, highway noise behind our site, frequent trains day and night, and weekend karaoke music until 11 pm loud enough to hear inside every rig across the entire park. Laundry facilities consist of one working washer and a dryer that did not dry anything. Laundry building and restroom/bathhouse are old and deteriorated, open to all the elements and bugs, chicken-wire doors, if any, open wood slat floors, leaking water, dirty/moldy showers, no light or A/C in laundry building except for open door. Site electric posts have no fuse, an obvious safety concern when plugging in since we couldn't turn it off first. Will not stay here again.
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