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rating [ 2/10 ]
Scary. Old trailers that look like they have been there for years - permanents? Muddy - sewer backed up - messy grounds - ghetto like.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great family camping! Lots of activities in and around the campground for kids and adults alike. Clean, secure, friendly staff, kids fishing, paddle boats, manicured sites.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great place to camp - quiet, spacious sites, easy access to beach, lots of biking - only downside is no sewer hookup for extended stays. Recommended.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Hello, On our way back from the beautiful Oregon coast we stopped overnight at the Seattle/Tacoma KOA. We had never camped here before but we thought you couldn't go wrong with a KOA. WE WERE WRONG!! Upon arrival, the site they selected for us was near the front of the campground adjacent to two roads. I voiced my concern about the noise of the road and the fellow said, "Very few vehicles travel on those roads". He obviously has never camped where he works before. 18 WHEELERS - 1 right after the other banging over the bridge on the road, all night long!!! It was 3AM by the time I decided to turn on my A/C to try and drown out the noise and it helped to some degree. It was bad: real bad. Next, the sewer hookup was about 20ft up the site (???) so my hose couldn't connect. (no, I wasn't in backwards!) Next, the tenting field right across from us was a dog waste minefield, so no frisbee playing. Next, the murky pool was full of floating debris including apple, cheese, bark mulch and other unidentifiable items. All this for only $49.00/night! (The state parks are a DEAL!!) So we decided to voice our displeasure first thing when the office opened at 8AM. A disgruntled KOA employee arrived in her car at 8:05AM, (parked in the disabled parking space) walked up to us, didn't acknowledge we were there (sometimes it's nice to say Hi!), opened the door and let it slam in our faces. We walked in and asked to see the manager. Guess what?? She's the assistant manager! We explain very politely about our dissatisfaction with everything and her reply was, "If you had come to us within an hour of arrival, we would have refunded your money." Uhhh, I don't sleep at 4:00PM, but mind you at this KOA I don't sleep at 3:00AM either. "There is nothing I can do" she says. All I was looking for was a little compensation. She points to the comment cards: "Fill one out." I picked up my jaw off the floor, did a 180 and walked out. I then asked my neighbors around us if I was ureasonable, their reply was, "We can't get out of here fast enough!" Me too. I thought I would share my story as we camp a lot and I appreciate when others let me know of good places to go.
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