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rating [ 9/10 ]
This is one of our favorite Florida campgrounds. Although you have no ocean view, you are a 5 minute walk to the ocean and a beautiful, large beach, with no crowds. I love the ocean here because at certain times of the day the waves are big. I love to swim in large waves. My wife likes calm waters, and she can swim at other times of the day when the water is calm. I have been here in every month between August and November, and the water has always been warm. When I was here in October, 2012, I was swimming and 2 manatees swam to within 20 feet of me...very cool! The campground itself is clean and quiet. Try to get any of the sites nearest the inlet, and you will have a marvelous view. Any site is good, with enough trees for shade. In the late summer months you will spend much of the day inside with the air running, as it is hot, even with the breeze. The no-see-ums are numerous here. They do not affect me at all, but my wife always goes home with numerous bites. If you attract biting insects, you will want to stay indoors at dawn and dusk, as no repellant will help. If you like to fish, this is the place. There is not only a jetty, but also a bridge where dozens of fishermen hang with both rods and nets. If you have small children, there is a great beach on the other side of the inlet with very calm, shallow waters. There is an entrance fee, but if you show your camping pass, they will let you in free. The fishing museum is interesting. Do not plan on shopping, as the nearest stores are many miles away. Reservations online are hard to come by in the winter, but in the fall I had no problem ever getting a site. We recommend this campground for swimming, tanning on the beach, walking, hiking and fishing. Just be prepared to be lunch, if you are susceptible to biting insects, and don't want to stay indoors the whole time.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice campground. We live about 40 miles from this campground and come here often. As stated in my other reviews, we like this campground because it has what we value: nature, quiet, privacy. Most of the short term sites border the lake, which you can fish from shore or easily launch a small inflatable or kayak. There is also a larger boat launch area. There are no "amenities" such as pool or store, etc., but you can fish, boat, walk, bike, or just relax. The campground is close to shopping and beaches (3-5 miles), and yet is quiet and peaceful. Entire site, including restrooms, is very clean. There are no cabins, most rvers are out of staters. Most every site has some kind of tree shade. Our only complaint, and this is small, is that you have to call to make reservations, you cannot reserve online, and you have to know the exact dates you want to reserve. You cannot tell them you want 5 days in April; you have to give them exact dates. Recommended for campers who want peace and quiet with plenty to see and do within a short driving distance.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We loved this campground; it is (almost) everything we look for in a good campground. Every site is wooded and private. There are other campers nearby, but they are not right on top of your site. The site was clean, had a fire pit, a picnic table and had 2 posts for us to set up our hammock. The bathrooms and showers were very clean, the shower water warm. Lake Manatee is a 3 minute walk and is a pretty lake, although we would not recommend swimming in it. The lake has a designated swimming area, but it was mucky, and there were alligator warning signs. The campground host was very friendly, and even drove up in the evening in his cart offering cheap firewood. This is a state park and so does not have a lot of the things you would find in a private resort such as pool, games, etc., but it had everything we look for in a park: peace, quiet, privacy, nature, and cleanliness. We strongly recommend this park to everyone looking for these things.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We did not like this park for the following reasons: The park was densely packed with RVs and cottages. There was very little space between each camper/cottage; there was very little shade, mostly wide open space; our site did not have a picnic table or fire pit or grill; our site was very near the main route that passes by the "resort", and traffic noise was constant all night. This resort has many year round type people, and not only did we feel they were semi-unfriendly, but we were a little nervous about leaving our chairs and grill out all night. For the price we paid, we felt we were packed in like sardines with little amenities for us. We don't care about horseshoes or boat docks and boats if we do not have a boat. We would have been happier with basics like a simple table at our site. We do not recommend this resort.
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