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rating [ 9/10 ]
It is a very friendly and active park. It is not too big or overcrowded. There are too many activities to list but they cover all interests from hiking, biking, line dancing and other exercises to crafts, entertainers, games, dinners, jam sessions or creative writing. If you have a pet this definitely the place to be. The surfaces are mainly small gravel and the park has a unique shape. It is not your typical line everyone up in a row type place. It is maybe not the best place for people who like a manicured park. This one is in natural desert surrounding and throughout the sites.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Different sites to fit different needs. Not a herringbone style park. Activities include exercise group, biking, hiking, 18 hole mini golf, pool room, swimming pool, jam sessions, evening entertainment, games, bingo, performers, creative writing, crafts, and much more. Most pet friendly park I've ever stayed in. Spending all winter here.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Stayed 2 nights with our dog. Small fenced pet run. Pets are allowed to walk in the pet section but cannot walk in the other area. It is not possible to get outside he park without walking through non pet areas. Asked permission to walk our dog through the non pet section to get out of the park. Permission granted. Cramped spaces. Not made for slide outs and awnings both. We drove around and found an empty end space which we requested so we had more room. Paved road and gravel stall. Pool was not heated. Spa was warm, not hot, but fine. Toilets were clean. Showers were clean too but the stalls are really small. Nowhere to hang a towel within reach of the shower curtain.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Stayed in this campground for one month (January). It has an enclosed and covered pool but the water temperature was less than 75F. All safety equipment (hook, rings etc.) are fastened to the wall too high for a typical rescuer to reach. The spa is locked in a separate building and only available on request between 3 and 5:30 PM. There were no scheduled activities during our stay that we are aware of. The Internet is available through a dial up computer in the office. I have carried an IBM compatable laptop for 2 years so feel familiar with Internet access but found their Mac, with an ancient (sticky) keyboard, hard to operate. Took me 1/2 hour to do what I can do in 5 mins on my own. When I pulled out the keyboard slide to lower the keyboard to typing height, next day it was screwed down so I couldn't move it. When filling our 7 gallon propane tank we were charged for 7 1/2 gallons (impossible) $5.50 more for the tanks than by filling it ourselves. Dogs are permitted with a small area for their business. No space outside the park immediately available for walking other than the sidewalk. There are 4 RV parks side by side with chain link fence separation. One park next door had WiFi but generally it is not readily available in Deming except in hotels. One coffee shop said they had WiFi. Tried there 3 times but not wotking either time. Small children called the park home. The owners had grandchildren there too. All gravel pads and roads. Laundry was cheap. $1 per wash and 2 loads fit in the large dryer for $.50
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