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rating [ 8/10 ]
I grew up camping here, so any trip to Kickapoo I have, may be biased! The outhouses are truly rustic, prepare yourself! There is a cafe that serves during the weekend, along with canoe/tubing trips you can take down the river. We took a trip down the river for 30 bucks, it was the eight hour tour, but could easily go for fifteen hours! They don't care how long you take down the river, as long as you get their canoes back before close. The sites are a bit cramped, and you will hear I-74 traffic, along with the go-carts til about 1am Fridays and Saturdays, but just like any site you stay at, folks are very respectable!
rating [ 8/10 ]
We camped last year for the fourth of July, good thing we reserved about 3 months early! The park was full but still quiet. The bathrooms were absolutely disgusting: waste piled all the way to the top of the toilet seats! I walked to a few different outhouses with the same outcome. Yuck. Besides that, this was a nice, out of the way park to stay in. Watch out for the raccoons, they are ruthless!
rating [ 10/10 ]
Clinton Lake is WARM! I've heard it is because of the nuclear power plant nearby. Regardless, this is a fantastic park to visit and camp at. It has full amenities and is very clean.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We tried traveling to Rocky Springs in one night, to no avail..we stopped at Jeff Busby for a night. Since it is free, we can't complain too much... the bathrooms are very clean, complete with running water. The sites are very open... no privacy, but most campers are respectful enough that it is not a big deal... there was no campground host when we showed up, so we just set up our tent for the night then moved on. NO firewood for sale anywhere, we will know better for our next trip!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Loved this site! We arrived on a Wednesday, which is a good thing, because it was full by Friday morning. The sites are very spacious, private, and shaded- and the bathrooms are the cleanest I've ever seen, complete with running water- unexpected, considering the campsite is free! We stayed in a tent, so I don't know if there were hookups of any kind. A lot of our fellow campers had RV's and ran generators overnight, so I assume no? The campground hosts were great, very friendly and helpful. The only thing to remember is this site is secluded, you will not have cell service and the closest amenities are 30 miles away in any direction..we camped in early March, so perhaps it was too early in the season, but we could not find firewood to purchase ANYWHERE. The hosts were great though, they knew our plight and gave us firewood on the cold nights! Make sure to come prepared with enough food, firewood, etc. and you will love this site. (ps-had to enter $1 for the fee because $0 is not allowed..this campsite is FREE!)
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