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rating [ 7/10 ]
The campground is in it's 2nd year and there were plenty of good things to report. The grass has finally taken root which helps with the pancake type of soil and mud on the grounds. Many of the sites have been enlarged with cement and a majority have been turned into pull through sites. The owners have also installed a putt-putt course as well as a large jacuzzi at the pool area. These are nice touches that show the owners are putting big money back into the campground. Now onto the tough news. The campground would benefit greatly with tougher controls on the amount of drinking that takes place on weekends. It's still true, the locals still view the grounds as a park-n-drink. Just a couple of well placed, your-outta-here and it would change the complexion completely. If you have visions of sitting by the pool in the evening to relax on a Friday or Saturday, you can forget about it. The Saturday night karoke music drew plenty of local visitors and made the pool area unattractive, loud, and rowdy. They are "this" close to having a perfect campground. I cant figure it out. They have so much money invested and such a nice campground. I still believe with time, the owners will put the controls in place to reign in some of the drunkenness. Most well traveled campers will know when to stay on their sites, but first time visitors may be surprised by all the commotion. PS: ONE SUGGESTION: Hire a professional pool person and get the water clear. The milky water just looks nasty.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Percy Quin is our favorite park and we have stayed over a dozen times during the last two years. Nice wooded areas with lots to do while on site. McComb is about 8 mins away from the campground with everything you could need.
rating [ 6/10 ]
A new RV park, although I would not call this a campground, it is better described as a "park and drink". The park is a favorite of the locals, which is great for the owners. You will find over 1/2 of the weekday campers uninhabited until either Thurs or Friday evenings. It is super that the park has full hook ups with cable. Whoever designed the park surely did not have experience with actual campers. The pads were short and skinny. You have to either park in front of your camper or park in a empty pad if close. In fact, it appears that every site has become a pull through being how the assistant will lead you to your site by traveling the wrong way to enter at the rear of your site. As with the previous post, I agree that the pool is far too small to accommodate the campers even at 35% capacity. At 50% capacity, the pool basically looks like a wave pool at a water park, people just standing in place. Equally, the art of smoking while lounging in the pool was disgusting. I notice several drunken ladies with their loungers inside the pool using the water as a ashtray. The bath houses were very clean, but if they had ventilation, it wasn't being used. One shower in the South LA heat turned the place into a steam house. Cajun Palms sends you via email a extensive rules list. Carts, parking on grass and curbing you animals were emphasized although it was ridiculous what was being ignored. Children driving carts, dog droppings all over the place and when the locals arrived, it was not uncommon to have 3-4 vehicles, on the grass, at each site. Lastly, and most important, the place turns into a virtual swamp when it rains. The grounds are pancake flat with no drainage whatsoever. This is a good park to spend two nights in your camper during the school year, but not beyond that. With all being said, I would return for a weekend trip.
rating [ 9/10 ]
If you are looking for a consistently clean, quiet and user friendly park, then Percy Quin is for you. This is our 8th trip of 2007 and we have camped in a different location each time. We highly recommend this as a family park and consider Percy our #1 campground.
rating [ 5/10 ]
If you desire a very quiet campground with plenty of room between sites, this is a good choice. The facilities were very dated and only usable in a must need situation. The overwhelming problem/concern we had was the phenomenal ANT problem. Not the fire variety, the sugar ant/hospital ant. The campground is completely infested with them and this will require plenty of attention from you in the form of spray. Our camper was crawling within 18 hours of arrival. Once we went to the hardware store, the problem was at least manageable after spraying 2-cans inside and out. We would stay again armed with plenty of pesticide.
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