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rating [ 8/10 ]
We have stayed in this park twice before. It's an extremely nice RV park. It's small, but then that makes it more personal. It's on the inland waterway, and across the street they have beach access. To get to restaurants and shopping you do have to drive. We would have stayed here the last two years, but we have friends who live about 18 miles from here. We learned of another RV park closer to our friends, so we haven't been back here, but would like to return someday. It's very nice.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We had a pet so we could only stay in a specific area. There was a lake (pond), that was kept up, mowed, etc., but the RV sites were all grown over with weeds, and our site was on the water, but crummy back water. Even if you'd want to go to the water, you had to walk through weeds and mud to get to it. We were really disappointed as some people had told us it was nice there. I'll never go there again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
It's a beautiful place to stay on the beach. My dog could actually go on the beach and the beach was clean. So I assume all those people who took their dogs to the beach, respected it enough to clean up after their dog. The people were very nice. I wish we could have stayed longer. It would be a great place to go back to and stay awhile. You can also walk to restaurants and shops. One of the nicest RV parks we've ever stayed in. If I remember correctly, you could get Wi-Fi if you paid for it. I'm just not sure, but I think that's right. Many places are like that and I don't like that. All too many places say they have Wi-Fi, but they have very poor signal strength.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We've been going to the Gulf Coast since 1989, but with an RV since 2001 and just last year learned of this place. This is the second time we have stayed here. We were there in 5/06 and then this year. We like it very much. The people are nice and friendly, the area is well landscaped, and kept clean. My only complaint is that their wi-fi service is terrible. I hear they're working to make it better. Currently you can hook up, but then it's such a low signal strength that you can't do anything. Other than that it's s great place.
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