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rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice campground, lots of trees. It was completely full on the Monday night I stayed here. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. School bus pulled in and dropped children off; woman in the RV next to me went out mid-afternoon and returned with a child with a school-type backpack. (So, perms?) There is a beautiful pond with a large dock extending over it with chairs for reading or fishing. However, they charge you by the pound for any fish you catch. Nice big dog walking area. I would camp here again.
rating [ 3/10 ]
First: their web directions are wrong; if you follow those you may end up, as I did, in a very bad part of town with few opportunities to turn around. Call for accurate directions. They put me in a part of the campground that is basically a grassy parking lot with hookups. I could see into, and hear phone conversations and television from, the neighboring RV. There were no trees and no landscaping whatsoever near my site, though there were trees near other sites. There were many vacant RVs parked throughout the park, as well as utility trailers. There was a very foul odor at my site. I suspected a septic tank problem, but it may have been a nearby paper mill. It was here when I arrived and here the next day when I left. There were no picnic tables on the property. I was close to the office but WiFi signal was never better than "fair." Verizon had 3 bars. On the plus side: they had a fenced dog run area. It is somewhat scenic. While there was only one Ladies' shower and one Men's shower, it was a roomy area and extremely clean. If not for the odor, this would suffice for a one-night stay. Passport America rate was only $17.
rating [ 4/10 ]
The term "resort" seems to be an overstatement. There is rarely anyone at the office (though a phone number is posted). I wasn't the only one puzzled upon arrival. I finally found a maintenance man on a golf cart to help me. While he was driving me back to my car after finding a site, we encountered four large RVs that had evidently just arrived. The driver of the front one asked him, "Where am I going?" and the maintenance man said, "Well, where are you headed?" and the RV driver, clearly put out, said "I don't know! There's nobody at the office!" No way to know what sites are available. The maintenance man took me to my car, parked outside the empty office, went in and got campground maps for everyone, and went back to help the RVers. FYI, just pick a spot: if it's empty, it's yours. There is a pool, but the door is locked (at least in March, though it was 75 degrees out), with a sign on it saying that if you want to swim, find an employee to unlock the door and uncover the pool. Many of the sites were visibly unlevel. Campground residents were oddly unfriendly (with the exception of the maintenance man and a volunteer employee). There is no check-out time on their rule sheet. I asked the volunteer about that and he asked me when I wanted to leave? He indicated that as long as it was before dark, it was fine. The dirt section of road that you must traverse is hard packed sand: after 12 hours of rain, it stayed firm and flat. The problem is the short distance of pavement between the dirt road and the "resort." The best way to avoid potholes so deep you could fish in them is to drive with one side's tires on the grass next to the road: you'll have to switch sides halfway there, but it will be mostly smooth for you. The spring was flooded so I can't rate this place for scenery. I imagine it is very nice. I was in site 101, which was level and would have had a nice view of the spring, being on the outside loop. Given all the great campgrounds in the vicinity (Manatee Springs SP, for example), I will not return to this one again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Pretty well off the beaten track so not ideal for stopover camping en route to somewhere else, but perfect if this is your destination. Sites are large and far apart. You cannot reserve specific sites, they are first come, first served (except ADA sites). Great views of the water and you can launch a canoe or kayak from most of the lakefront sites. Bath house is clean, but only two showers and two stalls. Lots of osprey and Canada geese in the campground area.
rating [ 10/10 ]
The road into the campground is very rough with potholes, only some of which have been patched (budget restrictions for Florida state parks). The sites are smallish, with only one pull-through (#9), which has almost no shade, but the best view of the lake. This is an older park and the campground may be more appropriate for smaller RVs. Since I have a small RV, I am judging the campground on that basis. Many of the sites have a lake view; however, the interior ones have more privacy. I have camped in most of the sites with a lake view and have found them to be level, with the possible exception of #9, which was recently converted to a pull-through. There is a fishing pier that extends over the lake from site #10. This is not an ideal campground for kids, since the playground area is limited to one swing. The restrooms are not fancy but they are clean. There is a very large picnic area next to the lake. While you could walk to the picnic area, it’s quite a distance from the campground and so driving is a better option. There are a few hiking trails; this part of Florida is peculiarly hilly and so the trails are moderately strenuous. Your site will likely be visited by possums, raccoons, and armadillos after dark, and you may hear an alligator growl from the lake if you are there in warmer weather. If you have your windows open at night, you will hear the moorhens calling from the lake and an occasional squawk from a great blue heron. I give this campground a high rating because while it has no frills, it is one of the best campgrounds in the area if you want to be on water. You could literally toss a pebble from site #9 and hit the lake.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I have been watching the reviews of this campground carefully and decided to spend a couple of days here. First, I can describe the results of rain on the roads and sites, since it had rained for over 7 straight hours before I left. The road leading into the campground and through the campground gets shallow puddles but does not become slippery or muddy at all. The grassy part of my site (#13) had standing water but was not boggy. The road into the campground is very well graded, and while it does become narrow at one point, that is only for a very short distance. I saw but did not meet the owners. I was greeted in the office by an extremely friendly woman, who checked me in quickly and was helpful answering a few questions. I had chosen one of the more expensive sites since I wanted to be on the river. The website photos are a tad misleading, since only sites #1 and #2 have an unobstructed view of the water, the other sites are all set back with palmetto bushes blocking much of the view. I was the only camper next to the water, all the others were at interior sites. I later discovered that they were staying long term, which would be costly at the premium sites. The campground was about half filled. The Wi-Fi was out when I got here but returned the next morning and stayed on for the remainder of the time. This is a huge property that extends far beyond the campsite area and includes 3 small ponds, two with a resident alligator each (don’t walk your dog back there). I found it to be extremely well-maintained. The sites were very clearly marked and easy to distinguish. I will definitely be returning and will reserve site #1 for a better view of the river.
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