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rating [ 7/10 ]
As others have stated, there are FAR too many shanty style seasonal sites. We even saw a few pop-ups with additions and enclosed porches attached (yes, pop-ups). That being said, the store and game room were nice and clean, the pool and grounds in general were clean and well landscaped. If they did something to help clean up the folks that built second homes onto their campers they would have a very nice campground! We will be looking to stay elsewhere next year when we go to Wildwood, this campground was just too much like a trailer park for our tastes.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice park, the lake is beautiful. We had a nice site in "B" area, plenty of room to stretch out. The staff we very friendly and helpful, people guiding campers into the correct entrance on Friday afternoon, someone helping speed along departure on Sunday too. The bathrooms were nice in 1978, they are in bad need of updating/renovations. They seemed clean, but stunk of old urine as most bathhouses do. The indoor pool is sweet, hot tubs were nice too. The pool hours we a little lame, but I can understand them not wanting to have to send someone out to close up late and all. They charge extra for children, this is annoying but also becoming common practice at most of the places we go to. There is a lot to do around the local area, Bushkill Falls was cool, and there was a monstrous Flea Market we didn't end up going to but looked interesting. We will be going back to visit Otter Lake for some late fall camping, I hope to get a lakefront site, they looked VERY nice.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Park was generally nice, being a state park there isn't much to do. The site we had in "B" loop was nice and shady, plenty of room for us. There are a few nice trails to walk on, we made the loop all the way around the pond. Play ground was cool, the pond (more like a lake) was pretty neat too, you can rent paddle boats if you like the leg punishment, we lasted about a half an hour. Clean out station on the way out was easy enough to use, dumpsters were a bit overflowing. For the price (CHEAP) you can't beat it.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Our first stay at Fort Whaley was definitely a positive experience. There was a huge storm on Friday night before we got there and all the way late into the night. Hundreds of small branches and some larger limbs down all over the entire campground. The staff was busy all day Saturday cleaning up for the arriving campers, cleaning up sites, even helping one guy who had a fallen limb puncture his roof at 10:00 PM in the absolute pouring rain. Being the Labor Day weekend there was plenty for the kids to do, they had a clown, hay ride and a flashlight candy hunt on Sunday night. The mini-golf course was a wreck from the wind and rain, but to our surprise about 2 hours after we asked about it, it was all blown of and ready for use! The pool was also thoroughly cleaned, and they sent an activity coordinator to organize pool games for the kids. All the facilities were clean, dumpsters were not full, (they were checking on them, because we saw a guy operating a loader, smashing down the trash to make more room). The store is quite nice too, pretty much fully stocked with the essentials, they even sell beer & wine. Glad we didn't ask for a "Waterfront" site, it is more like a swamp, totally green and really not attractive, but oh well. Plenty of room to maneuver around, easy getting in and out of the site, nice shaded lots and some pull thru's that are out in the open. We would certainly consider making another trip to Fort Whaley.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice, clean park. A little tight on some of the roads, others had ample room to even make a full turn around (don't ask how I know). The staff was very friendly and helpful. Pool was clean, a little on the small side. There were only a few seasonal campers, one or two looked rough and trailer park like, but a the same time a few of them were so beautiful we had to stop on our walk and admire them. I would camp there again, overall a pleasant experience.
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