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rating [ 3/10 ]
Nightly rate based on our monthly rate. We are still here and can't wait for our monthly rental to end. This Park is clean but only has 4 washers for the entire park, due to sewer limitations. It is amid all the windmills so is very windy and I mean verrry windy. The pictures on their website are all taken to avoid any indication of the windmills. Also, it is very far from town. We are always heading to town for groceries, etc. Nothing to do out here near the park. Can't wait to leave!
rating [ 5/10 ]
The manager is very nice and the park is close to the new Wal-Mart shopping mall but far away from other grocery stores or attractions. It is basically a large gravel pit with no grass or trees so if you are looking for shade, you won't get it here. They have just added Wi-Fi that you pay for; it used to be free. There are some full-timers and their "possessions" are beginning to make it look a bit trashy as they run out of space and must store stuff outside. However, this place is great for a night or two or if you don't mind the "gravel pit" look of the place.
rating [ 2/10 ]
The Wi-Fi was so bad I had to call them and get a refund and we were very close to the tower. It lasted long enough for them to take my money, then that was it! The washers/dryers were so old I was amazed they still operate. I didn't use them because they were busy when we were here. This place is okay for an overnight stay, but we were here a week and it was way too long. The sites are so close together that we couldn't put our awning out. Many folks we spoke to complained of exactly the same things as us: the Wi-Fi, the teensy-weensy sites, dirty bathrooms/showers. Looking at their website or any pamphlets, it appears you get a fabulous view and grass; not so. There are only a few sites like that and we didn't get one. We were very disappointed in the sites considering their advertising photos. On the up-side, it is close to a mall which is where we ended up going every morning to check our email in the Food Court; they have free Wi-Fi. The Resort will charge you $2.00 to check your email in the office where apparently, the Wi-Fi does work. Also, if you are into donating at the casinos, there are plenty to choose from. The River Walk is lovely. We will not return. I would sleep in a parking lot for free before paying for their minimal site and services.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Our nightly rate is based on $526.46 for the month. Electricity was extra; for the 28 days, came to $37.66. This Resort was purchased by Cal-Am December 2009. Fortunately, they had not had time yet to alter rates, etc. (I hope this doesn't become what others call the "Cal-Am Rip-off" where, on top of electricity, they begin to charge for water, sewer, garbage, name tags, etc.). Time will tell, I guess. They use the card system for the laundry. You pay $2.00 for the card and wash/dry are $1.30 so you never get rid of the balance! The women's shower has stalls but the mens shower is one big giant shower: not my husband's cup of tea! The Wi-Fi was horrible. Folks complain about Tengo but this place uses "WorldWeb" and it made Tengo look wonderful. It kept cutting us off and taking literally hours sometimes, to connect again. There are MANY older park models here with a few RV sites intermingled. The folks were friendly enough but my husband said he felt like we were in an old folks home. The pool rules sign at the pool area stated: if you are incontinent, you must wear tight rubber pants. Yikes!!! That was enough to keep us out of the pool and hot tub. On the up-side, there are activities too numerous to mention so if you are bored, it's your own fault. Also, shopping is close by and there is a nice park close by as well. The front desk staff were very friendly and helpful. We cannot say the same for the folks in the activity center. They seemed indifferent and unhelpful. Due to the horrific Wi-Fi and the extreme elderly population, we will not return.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The "nightly rate" shown is based on the monthly rate of $750.00, electricity included. We found the road in the park to be quite narrow. The proximity to downtown, banks, restaurants was within walking distance. We found the area surrounding the park a bit disconcerting; it was dirty (dog droppings everywhere) and bags of food, clothing laying around as though they had been stolen and dropped there. We didn't feel it was a very safe area at night, especially. The park folk were friendly but a bit cliquish. Seems to be a fair number of permanent residents. We would not return again; would prefer something in a tidier area. However, for a night or two, it would be fine. We were there for a month and it was a bit too long.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a great place to stay if you like to golf. It is situated on the Blythe Municipal Golf Course. However, if you do not like to golf, there isn't much else to do in the area. The resort itself is very nice and well maintained. The lots are individually owned and you rent from the owner. The "nightly rate" indicated is based on a monthly rate. Most of the owners/renters are from Canada and so are we. Everyone is very friendly. If you love to shop, this is not the place for you. Not many shops in Blythe but if you are looking for a quiet, clean RV Resort, this is your place.
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