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rating [ 5/10 ]
This park is very expensive for what you get. To spend $63 a night is ridiculous. I can possibly agree with this rate when Carowinds Theme Park is open, but it is not open during the week any longer; last week was the last weekday openings. Rate should be lowered when the park closes for the weekday season. There is only a small pool for amenities which houses 1 of the 2 bathhouses. The only other bathhouse is in the tent section. There are no bathhouses in the other 3 sections. Campground is a mud hole and the few areas that have grass, are uncut so walking a dog is very limited. Their rules state a two week limit on stays, but there are obviously some long term stays which are rather trashy. There is no cable TV or Wi-Fi. I will only stay here if I decide to come back for the Carowinds Theme park, because this park gives me no other reason to return.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This park has the potential to be a very nice snowbird park but it has a long way to go. The park is one third completed with the largest portion looking like an abandoned work zone because it doesn't look like any work has been going on for a long time. What is finished is a small loop of 30 campsites that are occupied by ~20 snowbirds and it looks very nice and clean. There is a sense of community here with lots of activities planned in the Community Building. There is a nice bathhouse, but it is only a one female and one male use. Laundry is in a metal shed and there are no picnic tables at the sites. There is wireless available but it is not reliable, it was constantly cutting off so you can't depend on it. There was no cable TV which is a must for a snowbird location with limited satellite views. There were a lot of trees but some campers couldn't even put their awnings out because of close trees and branches and only a couple sites were able to get a signal on their roof-mounted satellite dish so you need to put up a remote dish. Most of the sites are long but the concrete patio is positioned so that only Diesel pushers can make use of them. The patio portion is located towards the front of the site so if you have a Class A (Gas) or a Fifth wheel with a mid or rear door you will have to exit on the grass since no rugs are allowed on the grass (Rule #2). Rule #1 of the four rules posted on the reservation receipt states: "Avoid storing items under your camper." There is a camper on the end of the loop #114 that has so much junk packed under it that they must be full-timers. Rule #2 is no area rugs or mats on the grass. As stated previously, this really is terrible because of the concrete patio placement. Rule #3 is: "No outside clotheslines." As soon as you pull in the park, there are 2 snowbird MH's on the left that have clotheslines strung out behind them, as did at least 3 other campers. The other rule is to cleanup after your pet. My point with mentioning the rules is because there is no permanent manager/host. The owner only comes infrequently, and they need someone on-site managing the place. The snowbirds take up the slack of the day-to-day duties, i.e., taking trash cans to the main road for the trash truck, assisting guests to campsites, etc. Every time I tried to call to make a reservation, the number has a full mailbox so you cannot leave a message. If you call several times in a row, the owner will eventually call you back based on caller ID. Emails were not answered so don't bother with that either. A major misconception on their website is the statement: "This resort is a pristine gated getaway." The resort is NOT gated as stated. If you are a snowbird and do not want any amenities, this would be a nice place to stay. However at $495 a month, it's expensive compared to other resorts closer to Foley Beach. There is nothing to do in the area except visit the high priced Winn Dixie. It is a long drive to the beach or shopping. We won't be staying here again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was a very clean, friendly park. It had easy access to I-10 which made it great for an overnight stop. They did not take credit cards, but will take cash and checks. My site was very level and clean. Check-in was a little slow, but very thorough. I would definitely stay here again.
rating [ 3/10 ]
I don't know that this location can really be qualified as a campground. It is a mobile home park with a gravel area in the front where over nighter can park. There are hookups but that is all. $30 is entirely to much money to pay for this place especially since we only used electric. The permanent residence lots were full of trash and all kinds of junk. I did not feel safe parking here. It was convenient to I-85 but would never stay here again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Excellent park. It is a very clean, friendly campground. The location is perfect for visiting Busch Gardens and Williamsburg. It is one of the few parks in the area that is located away from the train tracks. You can still hear the trains in the distance but not like the other parks. The bathhouses are the best I have ever seen and spotless. Trash is picked up daily from your site and they are always doing improvements to the campground. Some of the sites are close together but we always try to request some sites that we have stayed at before and like. We stay here at least 5 times a year and think it is the best.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a very nice campground for a quick stop-over with easy access to I-95. Just make sure that you get a site that is long enough. The lady that checked us in was not knowledgeable about site lengths so we had to go back into the office, wait our turn again, and move to another site. Not a real pain but after a long day traveling, you just want to pull into a site and rest. I would also recommend that you not stay in the site right behind the office/store, it has a lot of local traffic and was very noisy. We have stayed here many times and would stay here again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Silver Slipper is a very basic campground. The main reason you would want to stay at this campground during the winter is for the Casino. They offer a free shuttle to the casino if you don't have a car. There is nothing at this campground except for the basic sites; no bathhouses or playground equipment. Nothing for kids to do so it was a little bit annoying because there was a group staying there in 3 sites and they must have had at least 15 small kids. All the relatives from the surrounding area came to see them for a visit. Since there was nothing for the kids to do, they were in the streets all day playing ball, riding scooters and bikes and were basically unattended. We had to move our car to the back of the site to protect it from damage. They sometimes had 4-5 cars per site and they were parked all over the place which made it difficult for new arrivals to get into their sites. Security sits in a small shack at the end of the campground and did nothing to resolve the problems. Another group of 5 motorhomes came in and couldn't even get to their sites because of all the cars that were parked in the roadway and in vacant sites and the adults were no where around to move them. Again, security just sat there for awhile until it became obvious the problem was not going to get resolved by itself. No-see-ums were bad, they even came into the motorhome through the screens but I guess that's just a part of being at the beach. We would stay here again but not during the summer months, only in the winter.
rating [ 9/10 ]
My $16 nightly rate reflects a $395 monthly proration. Also, if you are staying for a month, you have to pay your own electric and mine was $86 for Mid-Jan to mid-Feb. The staff in this park is extremely friendly and helpful. Couldn't ask for a nicer place to stay. They pick up trash daily at your site and the park strives to maintain an upscale appearance. Even though there are a lot of full timers in park models, travel trailer and fifth wheels, they make sure the park is clean and not junked-up. Older trailers were clean and freshly painted so you did not notice their age. There was nothing rundown or trashy in this park so you can tell management pays attention here. Shade is extremely limited in this park so I imagine it could be brutal in the summertime especially since there is no pool. There are several planned activities in the community room. This location is right in the middle of Ocala at I-75. There is every kind of store and restaurant nearby. I highly recommend this park.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This park has a few good sites and a lot of very bad sites. They seem to cater to fulltime campers and some of the sites are so run down it was disgusting. Some had old furniture, broken A/C units, trash, and everything you could think of stuck under their awnings or "make-shift" porches. The locals like to gather together on the weekends and party. I had to go out at midnight and ask the campers behind us to please try to keep the noise down. The sites are so close together that they were only 10 feet away from my bedroom window. They had large tiki torches going underneath their awning--kind of dangerous. The next day they did their intimidation routine to us by walking in our site (2 feet from our camper), standing in the site, and making foul comments. There are several other campgrounds in the area so I will never stay here again. I can't believe KOA puts their name on such a nasty looking campground.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This is NOT a typical campground. It is exactly like a Wal-mart parking lot but much more expensive. The entire area is asphalt paving and no grass. Sites are very close together, and they alternate the campers so the person next to you faces your campsite. One backs in and the next pulls in. We stayed in the cheapest site we could get, and it was still not worth the money. The dog run is just a large stoned gated area. My dogs would not use it because the rocks hurt their feet so they were really not happy especially since there was no grass. We would not stay here again. I did not feel safe walking back to our camper at night since it is somewhat removed from the strip. You need to walk around behind the CircusCircus hotel.
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