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rating [ 4/10 ]
We camped here over Father's Day weekend when they were having the Outdoor River Festival. Let me first off by saying, I have camped here 2 other times and enjoyed myself. This time was VERY different though. They gave me site 48 -- let me tell you -- don't ever get this site. Some of the other posters mentioned being right on top of their neighbors. YEP, you got it...we could barely put our awning out without touching the camper in front of us. The knats were horrible... forget taking your dog to the dog park, it was dirty, gross, and I thought the knats would carry my dog and myself away. The festival was boring. Food they sold was overpriced and didn't even taste good. The Pool was huge but PACKED all the time. We ended up driving to Charles Town Races and Slots just to get away from the campground for a few hours. It was in the high 90's all 3 days we were there. Not the campground's fault but definitely not fun for much else but using the pool. I will give this campground one more try and then I am done.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice campground with lots of activities. We live about 5 miles from this fabulous place and camp here at least 2 to 3 times a year. Many previous posters talked about the "permanent" residents living here and all their "junk" accumulating around their campsites. YES, there are permanent campers here but they are no longer allowed to stay on one site for years at a time. After talking to one of the residents, they are now required to move to a different site every couple of months. I'm assuming this is an effort to cut down on some of the "junk" that might accumulate on their site and make it look run-down. I called and got a spot in the "F" area which is absolutely fantastic. Full-hookups and HUGE sites.. even has a concrete pad to park your camper and a concrete pad for the picnic table. I have stayed in the other side of the campground before and I do agree the "F" area is much better taken care of. They had a TON of planned activities, miniature golf, fishing pier, beach, 3 swimming pools with slides, arcade room, tennis courts. The list goes on and on. We will continue to visit this beautiful campground!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Absolutely LOVED this campground!!! This was my first time here but definitely won't be my last. I agree with other posters about the super sites being FANTASTIC! Since it was my FIRST time, I just had a regular site but I will definitely be getting one of the SUPER sites next year. It is worth the extra $20 a night!!! Campground was HUGE. We enjoyed playing the nightly Bingo and then dancing the night away to a band. We didn't even attempt parking at their free lot on the beach since it was 4th of July weekend. We paid for the $2 all day trolley rides and it worked out perfectly. (Although stopping at the KOA campground, the water park, and the aquarium did take a while at times.) There a ton of French speaking people at this campground. It didn't bother us. We were just surprised at how most all the signs were both in English and French. I would definitely recommend this campground and I will be back. Although it was a busy holiday weekend, it never seemed too crowded. Had a blast!
rating [ 1/10 ]
OMG! I COMPLETELY agree with the last 2 reviews on the condition of this campground. Saying it was a DUMP is putting it NICELY!!! Our first sign to turn around should have been the bumpy 2 mile dirt road where we had to drive literally 1 mph to get down. The potholes were huge and there was no way to avoid them since they were everywhere. Second sign to turn around was the VULGAR eating out of the dumpster when we pulled in. The office/store is disgusting: dust and dirt everywhere. The sites are basically sand and just disgusting. No sewer hookups but that didn't prevent the "residents" from just dumping on the ground. We were the only "visitors" there and I can see why. This place is a dumpy trailer park and that is putting it lightly. Whatever you do, avoid this place!!!! I have warned you.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Camped here during King's Dominion Halloweenfest and had a good time. I was very worried about this campground after reading the other reviews but it wasn't as bad as I thought. We received a nice large level site close to both bathrooms and office. (Campground is not that big so you will be close to everything no matter where you are.) The bathrooms were absolutely disgusting with mold on the shower curtains. The best part about the campground is the shuttle that takes you to and from Kings Dominion all day. This convenience alone was worth it. Not a bad campground at all. I have definitely been to better, and much worse as well.
rating [ 8/10 ]
My family loves Bethpage Camp Resort. We stayed here over the Memorial Day weekend and then came back again for Columbus Day weekend during their Crab Feast. Our first time here was not that great. They ended up putting us right next to a busy playground which was noisy and loud from sun up to sun down (especially in a pop-up camper that we had at the time). They did have plenty of activities and we especially enjoyed the beach party with the DJ. Be warned that Memorial Day is packed! There are golf carts zooming up and down the road constantly. Our last trip was much calmer and more pleasant with way less people. We received a nice large, level campsite with a fire ring. Although there were not a lot of activities this time of year, the crabfest on Saturday night was excellent and we plan to come back next year for it. I will say the bathrooms could use some updating though. For such a large campground: there were only 2 showers and I had to wait several times to get in. Overall, a nice campground.
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