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rating [ 8/10 ]
First off I posted this on RV.NET before I came here. There were two responses on RV.NET where they had the same problem. All of this is IMOP. The first thing I want to say is Mountaindale is a nice campground. The second thing is the office staff is friendly. The third is the office staff doesn't know how to track their reservations. One year ago yesterday our group was camped at Mountaindale (our 4th straight year). I placed a deposit down for 10 sites for Oct 14 - 17, 2010. We were given the sites and meeting rooms I requested. I was in contact with the Mountaindale staff throughout the year with no indication there were any problems. As I was in charge of this camp out, I had assigned rigs to their site and notified Mountaindale who was going where. As the year progressed, we needed more sites than the 10 we had. Mountaindale took the additional reservations and assignments. I called Mountaindale on Fri. Oct. 8, 2010 to verify our reservations. The Mountaindale staff member read the assignments to me and I verified they were correct. Then on Sunday Oct. 10, 2010 I received a call from Mountaindale (I was out camping at the time). I was told there was a problem with our reservations. Another group had been given reservations (prior to ours) for 11 of our 14 sites and they were reassigning our sites. Other members of our group called Mountaindale and got stories from - the other groups reservations had not been logged in their book to it was a computer problem. How could this have been a computer or booking problem when their own people had read our reservations back to me 2 days prior. While we were camping there this weekend we learned Mountaindale had screwed up reservations for two other groups this same weekend. We were told we would get a 15% discount because of the problems. Well, we didn't 15%, we got a 9% discount. While we were using the meeting rooms, we had people from other groups come into our room and say they had them reserved it for their group. One of our members said this had happened to them 2 times before with other groups they were members of. I don't have any suggestions when dealing with Mountaindale as I had contacted them 6 days prior to our arrival and everything at that time seemed Ok. 98% of our member said they will not recommend or return to Mountaindale (by their self or with a group.)
rating [ 9/10 ]
I agree with all the other comments, but the campground should not be rated down because of other campers attitude. This can not be controlled by the management if they are abiding by it's rules. As for satellite coverage I can see roof top antennas having a problem, but if you have a carry out or a portable dish and enough cable you should be able to get reception.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We stayed at this park when it was Gamblers Edge RV Resort. Access to the campground is it's biggest drawback. The road to the campground has a 19% grade. If you have any power issues with you rig I recommend you stay elsewhere. Other than the access, it's an OK park.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a nice CG. There are two areas, the older area has electric at the sites but there is water available in the campground. Don't tote your water; the water there is good. The newer area has full hookups but no vegetation. I would have given this CG a 10 but the access road needs to be paved. Guess it is in the budget to be done. Big camp sites not cramped side by side. CG also has a dump station.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a nice CG. Office personnel are great. I'd stay there again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This camping area opened this year (2009). This is a typical Colorado State Park. Big sites, camp sites are not cramped side by side. I would have given it a 10 but there were no shelters over the picnic tables.
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