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rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice
rating [ 2/10 ]
This was the worst campground I have ever stayed at. A few of us in our 20's went here and we were treated very poorly right from the start. The owner even went as far as asking us if we had drugs or anything drug related on us at the time. I believe this was due to our age. They have one medium-sized area to sent up your tent but I wouldn't think more than 3 tents could fit there. Don't plan on checking out the tent sites before paying for one...that is not allowed. The owner checked up on us more then any other family and we felt very uncomfortable. I would recommend going down the road a bit further and staying at the next campground on the water. You could not pay me enough to stay here again.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This park is pretty neat and clean. However, when we were there most of the tent sites were not cleaned up and we could not get the one we wanted. The prices listed on the website are not always accurate so be aware. You can hear the trucks going by at night so don't plan on getting a good night's sleep. The pool, restaurant and bathrooms are all pretty clean. I've stayed here twice, but only the most recent time was the camp owner extremely rude..there were some people being loud on another site and he came to our's and threatened to call the RCMP. Not a good experience and I would NEVER stay again.
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